Friday, August 16, 2013

Jane Richard Returned Home - And Rolling Stone Has No Idea

"The pain is constant, and even the sweetest moments can become heartbreaking when we are struck by the realization that 'Martin would have loved this.'" ~ Bill Richard

The Richard family released this photo of Jane leaving the hospital.
"Jane continues to be an incredible source of inspiration - and exhaustion.  The loss of her leg has not slowed her one bit, or deterred her in any way.  As we knew she would, when we finally returned home, Jane walked into the house with the aid of her crutches, but under her own power."  ~ Bill Richard

Here's what I learned this week:  I learned that the Richard family had not returned home since April 15th.  They were determined that none of them would sleep at home until all of them could do so.  Denise Richard, struck in the eye by a ball bearing from the pressure cooker bomb and blinded in that eye, slept by Jane's side at Spaulding Rehab.  Bill, suffering with a constant ringing in his ear from a ruptured ear drum, slept at a hotel nearby with his oldest son Henry, 11.  Jane was recently discharged from the hospital and, as a family, the Richards returned home - less one beautiful little boy with sparkling eyes and a winning smile.

I learned, once again, that while Rolling Stone glorified a murderer, they have ignored the Richard family and every other victim of the Marathon bombings.  And you know what... that is FINE BY ME.  Let Rolling Stone keep the honor of being the official, ahem, news magazine of terrorists and over indulgent rock stars.  Leave the real heroes alone.  Jane Richard has had 12 surgeries since April 15th.  She is seven years old.  Jane Richard has shown more courage and spirit over the past 4 months than the Rolling Stone editors could ever begin to amass.  Jane Richard has her brother's smile.  She will dance again.  And she will be stronger, boosted by the spirit of Martin.  Jane Richard will soar!!

Welcome home, Richard family.  Martin would be loving this.