Friday, November 15, 2013

Bill Maher Can Sukkit!

A lot of people within the same political leanings as me suggest we ignore the douche bag and one day he will just go away.  I wish I could.  Instead, I find myself desperately hoping someone will shove a pressure cooker of machine screw stew directly up Bill Maher's liberal fukkin' ass!  Those among you who continue to wash Obie's balls with kid gloves and praise Hillary Clitoris as if she were some Lady Jesus are the same people who despise the Evil Conservatives and think Maher is some kind of genius politico with a flare for wit.  Keep sucking his taint, Jackasses.... for he must surely make you proud with every ounce of ignorance that runs from his lips like the Sunday morning brown squirts.

Last Friday, the dicknose (seriously, look at that nose.  Looks like he's making his own Roman Helmet) took a shot at Boston in a way that once again implies that this sunuvabitch sympathizes with terrorists.  He spoke on his television show about the Red Sox World Series parade and the tribute to bombing victims at the finish line of the Marathon.
"So the parade, they go to the place where the marathon bombing took place, they put the World Series statue there and they sing 'God Bless America' and they say 'Boston strong' and they chant 'U-S-A,' you know. It was again, a bad day, three people died, that's terrible. More were maimed, that's horrible, but unfortunately that happens every day, in car accidents and everything else. I mean, your city was not leveled by Godzilla."
Maher wants people talking about him.  It's what he does.  Even if it means he spews pure and total bullshit.  That happens every day???  Two Islamic friendly assholes set off bombs among throngs of joyful Americans with intent to kill and maim and send a terrorist message to our nation happens every fukkin day????  Are you shittin' me with that?  I will be combing the news for that day when someone in his family kicks the bucket...  and at that point we shall mock the funeral and remind him to shut dafukup because people die every day.'

Remember... Maher is the same asshole who, seven days after 9/11, criticized George W. Bush for referring to the terrorists as "cowards."  In that comment, he said the U.S. Military were the real cowards because they bomb countries from the remote safety of their own planes and ships whereas the terrorists stayed in the planes they used to take down the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Yep, that Bill Maher.  ABC fired his ass after that moment.  Here's hoping HBO grows a set of balls and sends this prick into irrelevancy where he belongs.

So, ya still gonna watch him and help him garner a paycheck?  Or are you gonna ignore him like I should have?

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