Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bullygate: Don't Tell Me It's Part of Football!!!

Can someone please tell me how threatening to pinch a corn loaf off in a teammate's mouth makes your football team tougher?  And how exactly does callin' him a half-nigger and promising to slap his momma in the face make him a better lineman?

Yep, I'm weighing in on Bullygate today and calling out Richie Incogfuckface for the oversized pussy that he is.  Word is out this morning that perhaps Dolphins coaches asked this steroid driven, well-documented asshole to, ahem, 'toughen' up Jonathan Martin because he missed a VOLUNTARY team workout LAST YEAR.  Instead of, oh I don't know, making him run laps or carry pads, Incogasshole decided he would spend a year harassing, degrading, threatening, and showering Martin with racial expletives because THAT OUGHTA TEACH HIM for missing one workout.  After a year of this constant bullshit, Martin had enough and just walked out of the facility and into a treatment center.  It seems that Martin had already been battling with emotional issues to begin with.  And his 'teammates' were likely aware of that (as evidenced by Incogscumfuck's father taking to message boards spouting off about 3 alleged suicide attempts).

Let's back up for a fahkin' minute here and have a look see at what Incogdicknose has been up to his entire football career:  This beauty was dismissed from TWO major college football programs for repeated violation of team rules (Nebraska and Oregon - he was only at Oregon for a fukkin' month before he was sent packin).  While at Nebraska, he was arrested on three counts of assault from an incident at a party.  Released unconditionally from the St. Louis Rams mid-season 2009 for berating his coach on the sidelines after being pulled from a game following TWO personal foul penalties (both penalties, he head-butted Titans players).  Named NFL's Dirtiest Player in 2009 player poll.  This summer, this douchebag was quoted by as saying, "....we'd have practice the next morning.  I'm out until all hours of the night, running the town.  Drinking.  Doing drugs.  I was doing everything a professional athlete should not be doing."

Which brings me to the other responsible party in this shitstorm - the Miami Dolphins.  Their self-professed ignorance will soon be blown out of the fukkin' South Beach water when it is shown that Coach Philbin and GM Jeff Ireland had full knowledge of what has gone on over the past year, and that they may have endorsed it.  (Remember who Ireland is - he's the GM who asked Dez Bryant during an interview before the 2010 draft if his mother was a prostitute and then claimed he meant no disrespect!!!  Are you shittin' me?  Yeah, a real classy asshole this dude is).  But for me, here is the biggest rub - a player with the reputation of Richie Incognito was voted by his teammates to sit on the six-player Dolphins Leadership Council, a group established to carry team issues up the ladder.  On Sunday morning, the Dolphins issued a statement on the matter.  They were defiant that any bullying was even taking place inside their walls and clearly stated that no evidence of such behavior had been presented to them.  And yet, just a mere 8 hours later, they suspended the primary culprit for conduct detrimental to the team.  Hmmm... the son of two Harvard lawyers may have a case after all, eh dickheads?  That sucking sound you hear in Miami is the collective cornholes of the Dolphins front office and coaching staff closing up in a panic.

Simply stated -

A person who targets and preys on another individual who is deemed to be weaker and unable or unwilling to stand up for himself is not only a bully, but a total fukkin' coward!  I could give a shit less how big and mean Richie Incocksukka is, that prick is a COWARD!  A PUSSY!  And worse, he does this behind the guise of 'team building' and 'camaraderie' - I read the transcript of one of his voice mail messages to Martin.  He was not building anything.  He was breaking a man down until he was a puddle.  Who knows if either Martin or Incognito will ever play in the league again.  But I know this... Martin is the son of two Harvard lawyers and the holder himself of a prestigious Stanford degree.  Incognito, well, he may have gone to class a couple of times.  Martin will be successful in whatever he does.  Incognito will be putting the boxes on the truck, the boxes on the truck, the boxes on the truck.  And then he will coach Pop Warner and call 8 year olds little pussies to make them better players.  Cuz THAT'S the football way to some morons.

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