Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let's Go To The Friggin' Mall!!!

It looks like it's gonna be a trip to the mall for the last Sunday before Christmas for some last minute shit and a beer or two at American Joe's.  Oh, and some chowdah in a bread bowl!!!  Can you sense my excitement?  A few strolls past Vicky Secret's mannequins ought to make me forget all about the parking lot rage into which I'm about to dive head first!

Mariah is here this morning, a few days early, to stuff your stocking!  Good Gawd, y'all!!   I think she's packin' more than two turtle doves in there!   Now THAT'S how to represent the Twofer Twosday alum in fine wikkid big fashion!

So this is Christmas...  and here's my Christmas Gif for you.... damn, I miss summer!

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