Friday, December 6, 2013

Really??? No Christmas In Texas??? WTF!

Just when it looked like the war on Christmas was turning back in favor of everybody with a ceramic baby Jesus in a popsicle stick manger, the Lone Star State, of all places, just dropped trou and cut a corn loaf on the Magi and gave Christians a Texas sized Fuk Y'all!

Last week, the Governor of Rhode Still Not An Island grew a set of cojones and called it a CHRISTMAS TREE.  Back in June, the state of Texas, with the final signature from Governor Rick Perry, signed into law the Merry Christmas Bill, which frees any public school from legal recourse if they were to use Christmas or Hanukkah symbols in school.

But a collection of pussies running an elementary school in Frisco, TX just up and banned Christmas altogether.  Per the PTA organizing a, ahem, "WINTER PARTY" for Nichols Elementary School, boys and girls will not be able to make any reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday at the party.  They've also banned Christmas trees.  And for the first time that I have ever heard, these douche bags have also outlawed the colors Red and Green!!!   Yah, I shit you not!!  Now they are not letting kids where certain fukkin' colors!  GAWDAMIT!!!!

Play this out for a minute... what is gonna happen when two third graders are sitting together at a table with their hands sticky from winter candy canes start talking about their Christmas lists?  Seriously... it's fukkin December and that is ALL that is on a kid's mind this time of year.  You know they are both hoping for the new Skylanders startup kit and are excited to think about Santa placing it under their winter tree.  Are the fukkin' teachers gonna kick the kids out of the party???  If little Beasley shows up in a fukkin' Houston Rockets hat, will he be turned away at the door?  This is what happens when assholes are allowed to run things... chaos and mayhem.

On a related note, let's check the weather in Mexico.

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