Friday, December 13, 2013

SOA: Spoiling The Finale Like a Boss. (Hey, I Waited)

Season 6 is in the books and that fahkin' Kurt Sutter had me standing up in my living room saying "Holy Wut Da Fuk!" once again.  I may be spoiling it for you alleged fans who have yet to watch the season endah to this year's SAMCRO twistapalooza!  But then again, if you have not made the time to soak in the finale, what kind of fan are you?

The kiss no SAMCRO brother ever wants.....  Mr. Mayhem sends his love.
Let me get this out of the way first:  Tara is dead.  Roosevelt too.  Nero is goin' hood and Juice is more fukked up than he was that time he swung from a chain.  Gemma is a twat and Unser is a fool.  Brown and Yellow are gettin' chummy in a war against Black and White.  Jax is goin' to prison (is he?).  Bobby's gonna be Prez (or is he?).  Abel cannot act worth a shit and Wendy has great boobs for a smack junky.

Gotta just keep givin' it up to Sutter for his wizardry with a storyline.  Ain't no predicting who is gonna bite it and when.  It was one thing to watch Momma Teller go all Samurai Deli on the back of Tara's head with a carving fork.  I was still trying to soak that shit in when Juice popped a round in Roosevelt's ear and made me poop a little bit.  What the fuk?  Now how was THAT gonna play out?  Would Juice, knowing he may have a date with Mr. Mayhem, just off himself and give that scar chested bitch a way to wiggle out of this?  I didn't think he would kill Gemma - Katey Sagal is Sutter's real life wife and I cannot imagine him putting his own lady out of work.  But when they showed Gemma looking to Unser for support and Juice hiding all evidence of the killing, it seems that next season will revolve around this unlikely trio of dipshits trying to figure out how to keep this all quiet.

Gotta say, maybe even a bigger surprise than Gemma offing Tara was Jax's sudden forgiveness of his wife and his willingness to go to jail for 25 years in exchange for her immunity so that she can "be a good mother and protect our sons" without living a life of fear.  I don't think many people saw that coming.  I know I didn't.  I also do not see him actually following up on his end of the deal now that Tara is dead.  The ending certainly made it seem that Jax will be blamed for killing Tara and Roosevelt.  But I cannot really see that happening either.  The gun on the floor will be proven to NOT be the gun that killed Roosevelt.  So... I ask again... HOW THE FAHK IS THIS GONNA PLAY OUT NEXT YEAR???

Gotta believe Jax will not be in jail.  Otherwise there would have been no point in spending two episodes setting up this unavoidable conflict between Jax and Nero.  Sutter committed several twists to put that relationship in a place that promises to be all fahked up when the curtains rise next September.  Not to mention, Jax is gonna be all sorts of psychotic after finding Tara the way he did.  Coupled with Opie's death two seasons ago, this will surely push this sumbitch over the edge.

With the series coming to a conclusion next year, Sutter will have no restraints to story lines and character development.  Without having to set up for a Season 8, 7 may just be his best work yet.

By the way... have I mentioned my new appreciation of Wendy???

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