Friday, June 20, 2014

Laconia 2014 - Is That A Blue Sky?

I love bike rallies.  It's enjoying good weather, pissa music, cold beer and meeting all kinds of people who have one thing in common... and that's a hahd on for two wheels.  The world's oldest motorcycle rally takes place pretty much in my backyard.  An hour up 93, along the scenic roads in and around Lake Winnapa I ain't spellin it, Laconia has been going on for 91 years.  But it has transformed from the Laconia Motorcycle Rally into the Laconia Better Find An ATM Rally, aka Money Week.

The Great Gypsy Tour has become nothing but price gouging bullshit with a hefty helping of po-po at every turn.  We popped into Laconia Harley Davidson on Saturday to check out Project Mess, a local band who had won a Facebook fan vote in New Hampshire's Battle of the Bands.  They were awesome as always.. but when the dopey chick with a muffin top spilling over her boy shorts told us $6 for a can of fukkin' beer, we knew we were at Laconia.  It's $5 to park your bike anywhere.  In years past, we could park our scoots at the Naswa free of chahge!  Not this year... fukkin' money grabbers took $5 a bike.  Add in afternoon cover charges at the Roadhouse, and $5 ATM fees at the machines set up throughout and you have just been nickeled and dimed up the poop hoop!!

If ya wanna stay in a 2 room condo 5 miles from the rally, that will run ya about $2200.  By contrast, we stay in a house in Garden City for the Myrtle Beach Bike Week, 50 yards from the beach and 1 mile either direction from the busiest rally spots.  The house sleeps 12 and provides for under cover parking of your bike.  And it costs $1200 for the week!!   Along with the $2 beers and forever free parking, Myrtle has it all over Laconia.

All that being said, yesterday was a perfect day at the Weirs!  And I mean perfect.  No rain this year.  And more bikers than I have seen in years.  Old friends and new friends and ice cold beers made for a fanfukkintastic day.  Spent an hour or two at the Roadhouse watching Hazzard County...  a country music party band that played all the dirt road tailgate cold beer painted on jeans songs that are huge on fake country radio.  And while I shit on that style of "country" - I cannot deny that it is fun fukkin' music when the sun is shining and the foots are stompin!!  HC just does it right!  Now if they can just play some Johnny Cash in their high energy, rockin' style, they'd be perfect!


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