Sunday, December 21, 2014

They Chanted For Dead Cops. They Got Dead Cops. Is This The New World?

Officer Wenjien Lu told his bride of just two months he would see her for dinner.  Office Rafael Ramos said good bye to his 13 year old son yesterday morning when he left for work.  Ismaaiyl Brinsley woke up in his apartment in Baltimore, shot his girlfriend and drove to Brooklyn to make history.  This would be the final morning for all three.

Per his post on Instagram, hashtagging Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Brinsley promised to put "wings on pigs today."  At 2:45 pm, this twisted muthafukka walked up to a cruiser in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and opened fire on Lu and Ramos, who were working overtime on a anti-terrorism drill , shooting them both in the head and killing them.  Because they were cops.  Because they were wearing the uniform.  This fukkin' coward then fled on foot and shot himself in the head on the subway platform as police closed in.

After the shootings, moments before taking his own life, he took the time to take a picture of his bloodied pants and sneakers and posted them on Instagram as well.  

Is this going to be the norm?  Are people going to take up their own fukkin' jihad against police like radical Muslim suicide bombers?  And do not tell me that Brinsley is not representative of a larger group, that he was a lone wolf attacker.  His Instagram post vowing to take down two cops got over 200 likes!  Take some time and read through Twitter, Facebook and the comment sections of legit news media sites covering this story.  Some dickhead rapper named The Game tweeted to the dead officers... "Guess y'all can't breather either."  If you really want to lose your lunch, read this:  Social media erupts in celebration of the dead officers.

I am big on personal responsibility.  So in the end, while the blame falls squarely on the asshole who dealt out his own twisted sense of justice yesterday, there are others who also shall shoulder responsibility for this tragedy. Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and the rest of the baiters who loudly made this a divisive race issue have played a role here.  And to the leaders of those protests (That's YOU Al Sharpton) last week in NYC who were chanting "What do we want?" "Dead Cops" - THIS IS ALSO ON YOU, you muthafukkas!  It is also on Sharpton, Holder, President Obama and NYC Mayor Bill de Basio who failed to publicly denounce those chants and rather fueled the racism fires.  Shit, Barry O and Michelle were on television last week telling their of their personal experiences with racism.  Um, Micky... if someone asks you to reach for something on a shelf at Target, it is not because you are black and should be doing things when told - it's because you are tall.  But you go right ahead and make it a story of personal tragedy and woe, you pompous bitch.

Oh... no worries.  These Johnny Come Latelys were talking yesterday.  Obama condemned the murders.  In his official statement, Holder called for "forging closer bonds between officers and the communities they serve."  He said, "Our nation must always honor the valor..."   Where the fuk was that sentiment when, instead of supporting the indisputable evidence in the Brown shooting, he launched a Justice Department investigation of unconstitutional policing patterns of the Ferguson Police Department.  Sharpton also issued a statement.  He said he has been in touch with the Brown and Garner families and, according to Reverend Fuckbag, "they are outraged" because Brinsley used their names to justify his act?  Really??  THEY are outraged??  Hey Al.. have you reached out to the Lu or Ramos family??

Al Sharpton has fueled this once perceived, now real, war between blacks and police.  He does not see facts... he only sees color.  But let's not make the mistake that yesterday's assassination was about race.  It was a culmination of weeks of national demonizing of police officers, violent protests and Al Sharpton bullshit.  Here's what Sharpton will ignore:

Over the past 15 years, crime data shows that 62% of people killed by police were white while 34% were black.  In 2012, police killed 426 people.  Of those 426 deaths, 267 were white (63%) and 128 (30%) were black.  These numbers are from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program at the University of Michigan.  They were compiled by Peter Moskos, an associate professor in the Dept. of Law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a former Baltimore police officer.  While the numbers show that police kill more white people than black people, the counter argument here uses race and population percentages.  Since the United States is 63% white and 12% black, it would seem that the numbers of blacks killed by police is not representative of the population and therefore, according to Sharpton and his flock, cops are killing too many blacks.

That would be true if the racial makeup of violent criminals was reflective of the racial makeup of the country.  However, FBI data shows that in 2012, there were 402,470 arrests made for violent crimes (murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault) in the United States.  Of those arrests, 236,394 (58%) were whites while 155,088 (38%) involved blacks.  It stands to reason that shootings involving law enforcement officers are directly related to violent crime incidents.  So when we look again at the 2012 numbers of people killed by police, the percentages ARE IN FACT REFLECTIVE of society and who is having violent run-ins with the police.  In 2012, 63% of people killed by police were white, aligning with the arrest numbers that say 58% of violent criminals were white.  Simply stated, police are not targeting color.  They are targeting criminals.  Which is kinda their job, FAHCHRISSAKE!!!

Heartfelt thoughts go out to the families of Officer Lu and Officer Ramos.  This is the Facebook post from Jaden Ramos, Officer Ramos' 13 year old son.