Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Humpin' The Sports Page: Sawx Still Suck

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike....   put yer humpin' pants on man!  It's Wednesday!!  

Haven't checked in with the Boston sports teams in a while....  not since the Beez crapped in their breezers and missed the tourney.  

When we last visited the Nation over there at Fenway, the free fall was in full effect.  Don't go lettin' those 13 runs they scored on Father's Day in KC fool you.  The shitsapalooza is growing with every Tommy Layne appearance!  The pitchers give away leads like they are the United fukkin' Way!  Ya wanna know how you can tell if your team sucks?  When your All Star representative is a guy who has played seven fukkin' positions so far.  And when the biggest headline of the month is your third baseman liking an Instagram photo of huge bewbs while pinchin' a loaf during the fourth inning, you are in trouble.

Nothing going on with the Pats except the Tom Brady appeal.  Yawn.  Count the rings and move on.

The Beez and Seez are in the midst of golf season.  But Danny Ainge is yappin' about making trades before Thursday's draft so he can get some Kentucky guys.  Oh fahchrissake!  

That's all I got.  Need coffee.......

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