Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Political Beliefs Do Not Define My Person!!!

You've seen it.  You've taken part in it.  At some point over the past year or so, Thursdays became #tbt.  For those of us wikkidly uneducated in the ways of Instabook or FaceTwitter or whatever, that's a hash tag and it means "Throwback Thursday."  Whatever, fuckleberries.  I'm throwing it way the fuk back today.  Because this country needs a gawdam history lesson!!!!

When I'm not entertaining you with amazingly crafted satire marked by perfectly structured grammar and intricate usage of fuck bombs and political incorrectness, I work with adults and children with developmental disabilities.  I know... that doesn't seem to fit, does it?  Well, a third of my life over the last 26 years has been spent coming to learn about and respect the challenges and struggles that rise every day with the sun for someone with intellectual and physical differences.  And I have been able to see people gain independence and acceptance.  I have seen success and perseverance in the face of doubt and disbelief.  That man at McDonalds standing in line with a care worker because he needs help saying "large fries" - I have seen your stares and have read your mind.  No he DOES NOT have to stay in the group home where he will not bother you.

20 years ago, I spent every lunch hour for four weeks bottle feeding Baby Nicholas at the pediatric nursing home where I worked.  He was not supposed to live past a few weeks, but was four months old when I met him and had just developed the ability to suck from a bottle.  Baby Nick died a month later.  I have worked with people with severe self-injurious behavior coming out of institutions and watched them become "behavior free" living in houses in your neighborhoods.  I carried a donated refrigerator up three flights of stairs on a Saturday for a single mom with two autistic children who could not work and care for the needs of her children at the same.  I have brought people with whom I work to my house for holidays and to my friend's house to swim because their families walked away from them years ago.

And I'm a Republican.  GASP!

My office is chock full of Obama voters and Hillary lovers, many of whom I consider good friends.  So imagine my upset when I was told of a conversation between two people who have known me for years (a co-worker and a politician buddy of mine who were together at some political event outside of the office).  The crux of that conversation:  Politician asks co-worker, "How can Kenny (that's me) be who he is politically and still do his job with such passion?"  Ya know... because I am a Republican, so I must not care about people in need.

POST NOTE:  To be fair, this particular State Rep and I have known each other for years and he has ALWAYS advocated for people with disabilities and has become closely involved with a couple of people supported through my office.  I did not take his comment personally but rather as a compliment to the work I do - I am honored that he acknowledged the passion with which I do my job.  He is an outstanding Representative who connects with his constituents and truly represents them at the State House.  He and I have forever joked with each other about our differing political views and I did him a disservice by not letting him know ahead of time that I would use that story in such a public way. 

These two friends of mine shared, at least for a moment, a mutual bewilderment as to how someone who is politically conservative and against promoting government dependency can be passionate about helping people enrich their own lives.  Their conversation makes it abundantly clear that the prevailing thought out there among liberals is that Democrats help people and Republicans, well, not so much.

You see, being a conservative Republican working in human services in Massachusetts does not exactly line up with people's way of thinking.  It kinda flies in the face of their liberal thought process and bunches up their panties at the same time.  Because, if you were to listen to the mainstream media and the public eye Democrats, we Republicans are kitten kickin' evil-doers who only want to help the rich.  Maybe Republicans would be more likable if they were bribing foreign governments for charitable donations in exchange for State Department favors or getting their dick sucked in the White House while wifey-poo is out of town or hiding government emails on personal servers.

I do not identify with Donald Trump or Sarah Palin or the Tea Party.  I do not oppose gay marriage.  I am pro-choice.  I have devoted my career to helping people who cannot help themselves.  I am a Constitutionalist and believe this country grew to what it is through empowering its citizens to be self-reliant and take responsibility.  Oh yeah, and I'm Republican.

Wait a minute.  What about the history lesson I promised?  Here ya go.

The Democrats call themselves the party of tolerance.  They are the party of the lower class.  They are the party of women.  They are the party of minorities.  Right?  That's common sense, right?  Liz Warren and Barry O and CNN and MSNBC have told us so.  But while they are having you believe this, their political checklist gives off a completely different, much more odorous message.  They are not about empowerment.  Nope, their goal has been and continues today to make sure certain groups of voters remain reliant and needy on government.  You cannot do this on your own.  You need us to raise your kids.  You cannot get a job that pays $15 an hour, so you need us to do that for you.  You need us to choose your doctors and strap on your seatbelt.  You are hopeless.  And the people who have the balls to do things on their own, get ahead in life, well, they suck.  We will take their money and give it to you.  Because you cannot make it yourself.  Because you are idiots.

This picture has made its way around Facebook and proves the ignorance of today's Democrats, their allegiance to media perception and complete ineptitude with American history.

Forget that whoever created this meme has no interest in capitalizing proper nouns nor using end of sentence punctuation.  Let's just answer it, shall we?  I'll give you my FIVE favorites.  Google them if you do not know them.

Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Ed Brooke, Jackie Robinson, William McCulloch

In the words of Will Hunting, "HOW DO LIKE THEM APPLES?"

~Did you know that the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, was supported by 100% of Republicans in Congress while 77% of Democrats were against the Amendment?

~Did you know that not a single Democrat in either House of Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1868 (14th Amendment) giving civil rights to newly emancipated blacks?  But every single Republican voting was in favor.

~Did you know that the 15th Amendment giving blacks the right to vote was supported by and voted for by 100% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats?  Not a single Democrat in Congress wanted blacks to have the right to vote (they never DID want minorities to control their own lives).

~And did you know that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed largely because of the work of a fiscal conservative from Ohio named William McCulloch, who also favored gun rights, school prayer and opposed foreign and federal education aid.  And that the Act's staunchest opponent was Virginia Democrat Howard Smith?   80% of Republicans voted in favor of the Act while only 61% of Democrats did.


Instead, read a history book.

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