Friday, July 10, 2015

Democrat Math: You're Doing It Wrong!!

How ah you at math?  Here's a word problem to see how fahkin' well you know your pluses and minuses and goesintas!

Sally Struthers weighs 220 pounds in November.  In December, she stuffs her gullet with fruitcakes, popcorn balls and ham sandwiches and balloons to 450 pounds by Christmas.  On New Year's Day, she resolves to lose weight and by April Fools Day, she is down to 230 pounds.  

Did she cut her weight in half?  Or did she add on 10 pounds?  The answer depends on what story you want to tell and what reference point you choose to use.  Does she deserve credit for dropping all that weight or blame for packing it on in the first place?

Too difficult, Oprah?  Let's make this even simpler.  You are given a basket containing 5 apples.  You add 10 apples to the basket, but then you take out 9 apples.  How many apples do you have left?  More or less than when you started?  Here's a hint:  YOU HAVE MORE APPLES THAN WHEN YOU STARTED, DUMMY!!!
Kinda works like ipecac...  Even Slick Willie can sniff the bullshit here.

This picture of Slick Willie the Cigar Man and Obie is making its way around Facebook with a descriptor reading "The only two Presidents to reduce the deficit in the last 50 years."  And I nearly lost my shit!

When Obama took office in January 2009, the deficit stood at $458 billion.  Thanks to his bailout stimulus package, the deficit nearly tripled to $1.4 TRILLION in just his first year in office!!  Since that time, the deficit has steadily decreased, due to a strengthening economy and a draw-down of several economic stimulus programs.  It has decreased to a number that is STILL HIGHER than the deficit under George W. Bush.

So Obie and his lemmings are happy to brag about the deficit reduction without including the vital fact that he was the one who increased it in the first place.  The deficit during Dubbaya's final year in office was $458 billion.  The deficit at the end of Obama's 6th term was $486 billion.

This reminds me of a Biggest Loser contest in my office a few years ago.  One dude spent three weeks eating like a cow, gaining several pounds before the contest.  On the morning of the first weigh-in, he drank a gallon of water.  Then he stepped on the scale to record his "starting weight" for the contest.  He promptly went to the head and took a piss, dropping a couple of pounds immediately.  He went on to win the contest two months later because he had shed a greater percentage of his starting weight than the rest of them.  Ya see...  it all depends on your reference point.  

So, is the deficit smaller or larger than when Obama took office??   Come on math wizards!  YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!!!   Sally Struthers is heavier, you have more apples in your basket and Obama has increased the deficit.   Let's not even TALK about the national debt!!!   Until you are ready, that is.


  1. I see no mention of Reagan or the Bushes. How did they treat the deficit, pray tell?

    1. Good point. I also did not mention Washington or Eisenhower or any of the Johnsons.

      Average deficit under Reagan as % of GDP was 4.2%
      Average deficit under Daddy Bush (% of GDP) was 4.2%
      Average deficit under Dubbaya (% of GDP) was 2.7%
      You didn't ask... but Clinton was 0.5% (by far the best deficit president in recent memory)
      Compared to Obama's average deficit as % of GDP being 7%.

      But how does that even relate to my point which is that Obama is full of shit by saying he reduced the deficit? He reduced his OWN inflated deficit. But he has increased the deficit since he first stepped into the office. Many presidents have. And it is not simple science to decide how much blame/credit a president deserves for the annual deficit given all the other factors at play. But he is the one wanting the credit for lowering the deficit when in fact the deficit is higher than when Bush left office.