Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Minnesota Has Flag Problems Too.

Ta hell with the Confederate Flag.  Minnesota's flag is way the fuk more racist.  According to some liberally wrapped professor at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse (Judith Harrington is her name), the image of a white farmer working the land while a Native American is hunting on horseback depicts "conquest and genocide."  Oh fukkin' yeah!  This Judy bitch is serious too....

She looks at the image above and sees a pioneer who is a "peaceful man who has laid down his gun and is plowing his field" and the "Indian, who may still want to fight (his spear is at the ready) but who seems to be riding away."   What is it?  Does he want to fight or ride away?  Or does he want to find himself something to eat?

Sorry, bitch.  But exactly WHERE is the pioneer's gun that you say he laid down?  And methinkum you be racist when you sayum Indian must want to fight because he has a spear.  What the fuk kind of stereotypical generalization are you making, teacher bitch?  Ya know Native Americans used spears to hunt, right?  But you automatically assume Chief Galloping Horse wants to scalpum him some paleface.  YOU TWAT!  

I guess she would only be happy if Minnesota changes their state flag to this:

But this flag above might offend white circles, yellow stars and red fonts.  So I propose this for Minnesota's next flag.  Smurfs are imaginary characters, so this won't piss 'em off.

Let's not even start with the Massachusetts flag and the angry Native American with feathers in his hair and a bow and arrows at the ready.   Oh boy......   Elizabeth Warren is gonna lose her shit!!!

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