Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh Nice. NOW B. Hussein Lowers The Flag.

Yunz prolly think the official animal of Wednesday, aka Hump Day, is the camel.
But you be wrong.
You can tell one of these manly beasts by its striking resemblance to Wilt Chamberlain.

Just a quick hump dump this morning because I know how important transparency is to President B. Hussein Obama.  I define transparency as being able to see through shit.  Ya know, like when the President lowers the flag at the White House to honor 5 military men a gawdam WEEK after four Marines and one sailor were shot and killed by a terrorist in Tennessee.  Transparency is when it is fukkin' clear the Commander in Chief only did so after the internet blew up criticizing him for not doing so IMMEDIATELY!   Hey Purple Lips... you lit up the White House in a rainbow hours after the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage.  So where was this order 5 days ago?  Oh that's right....  you only ordered the flags down after Boehner did so at the Capitol.  Everything is a fukkin' political race.

Obama has ordered the White House flag lowered before...  after the Fort Hood shooting, the Colorado theater shooting, and the shootings in Tuscon, Newtown, CT, Oak Creek, WS and the Washington Navy Yard.  He also lowered the flag after the deaths of American icons like Teddy Chappaquiddik, Neil Armstrong and Dorothy Height.  He never ordered the flag lowered after the second Fort Hood shooting in 2014 where three servicemen were killed.  Ya wanna common thread...   of the mass shootings after which he has lowered the White House flag, only once (2009 Fort Hood) did it involve the death of American servicemen.  The victims of the Washington Navy Yard massacre were all civilian contractors.

I'm not sure if the President gives a shit about our military or not.  But the optics of it all sure sends a transparent message.  B. Hussein Odouchebag!

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