Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trending On Thursday: Why The Nuke Deal Is Embarassing!

Today on Facebook, many of us are seeing this meme worming its way amongst Democrats -

Ya know, because complaining about something that happened THIRTY FUKKIN YEARS AGO is what we do.  Although I still have not gotten over the Bay of Pigs OR the Louisiana Purchase.  Fukkin' idiots cannot even get their facts straight.  Reagan did not give weapons to Iran.  He SOLD weapons to Israel.  Point being, if yah wanna bitch, bitch correctly!!!

The nuke deal signed with Iran this week may or may not turn out to be a turning point for relations with the country that wants the United States wiped off the face of this planet.  Where you fall on this deal depends completely on the color of your ballot, unless you actually do the research.  I started reading the 159 page agreement last night.  I gave up reading every word by page 8 when terms like ceterfuges and heavy water baffled the fuk out of me.  I gave up skimming paragraphs by page 19 where it went into the implementation plan.  Feel free to read it yourself, if you so wish.  (FULL TEXT OF AGREEMENT).  But I'm gonna give you the Cliff's Notes version.

Iran makes a promise to six countries (China, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States) that they will be good and not make nuclear weapons for 15 years.  In exchange, the UN sanctions with Iran will be lifted and $100 BILLION in frozen assets will be released to Iran.  And John Kerry gets to pose for a group picture.

In other words, we give Iran everything they want (enough money and resources to build and then hide nuclear weapons in Syria, for example) and they promise to stick by an agreement THEY SIGNED IN 1968!!!  Yeah, remember back in 1968 when Iran signed the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, promising not to make nuclear weapons?  How'd that one work out??

But just like that, with the swoop of the pen by the Messiah of Diplomacy, Iran has become a trustworthy nation and Kerry gets his group photo.  Iranians celebrated in the streets of Tehran like their team just intercepted the ball at the end of the Super Bowl.  Meanwhile, in the other 6 countries, the celebrations were..... well...... um...... limited to an 8 am pat on the back at the White House.  Datz it!!  Why do we suppose the Iranians are so happy???  Any ideas?   My money is on Iran breaking the deal before the Pats break training camp.

This tweet from the President of Iran moments after Obama addressed his nation with his cuh cuh about diplomatic success ought to tell you why this deal is fukkin' nonsense.

It's almost embarrassing that this deal actually happened.  But, on the selfish side, they are saying gas prices will drop significantly with the signing of the deal.  So, hooray for Secretary Long Face and his boss.  Sorry, Israel... Iran is gonna blow your ass up in 15 years.  But we are gonna see $2/gallon at the pump and Obama gets to add a new exhibit to his Presidential Library.

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