Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ban Tobacco, But Keep Them Beer Sales Going!

Mayor Maahty says our ballparks are for creating healthy futures.  He said he is doing the right thing as a community for our young people.

Curt Schitting says he supports banning any kind of tobacco at Fenway Park.  He says "If this law stops just one child from starting, it's worth the price."

John Henry says he supports the ordinance to ban tobacco at his ballpark.  Ya know, cuz he doesn't want the young Sawx fans to have to watch some dude (or chick, I guess) dippin' on some snuff.  Don't want them picking up bad habits, ya know.  Cuz it's all about the children.

In case you missed it or in case you are in Pennsylvania calling for Tom Brady to be executed, the mayor of Boston has gotten together with Curt Schilling in a plan to propose an ordinance that will ban smokeless tobacco from Fenway Park and all other sports venues in the city of Boston.  Because they are worried about the children.  Note to Mayor Maahty...  doing business with Schilling is the same as taking a giant leap head first into a pile of elephant shit.  It's STOOPID!!!

So, here's a fukkin' question for you three assholes:   Um, what about the fukkin' NINE DOLLAR BEERS???  Oh, that's right.  Because beers make you a shit ton of money, it's okay for an 8 year old to dodge drunks while slurping a sundae from a mini-helmet.  It's perfectly okay for a couple of obnoxious BU bitches in pink Ellsbury shirts puke all over each other while Johnny is fixing his panda hat.  No worries there.... cuz beer makes us money.

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