Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Month After Approving Drilling In Alaska, He Does This

July 21, 2015:  President B. Hussein Obama approves Royal Dutch Shell's permit to begin drilling for oil off Alaska's Arctic coast.

August 31, 2015:  President B. Hussein Obama jumps on Air Force One and flies 3,365 miles to Alaska, spewing jet fuel and greenhouse gases all the way, to talk about climate change.

September 1, 2015:  President B. Hussein Obama whips on his coolest north country jacket and shades to tell Alaskans that climate change is really REALLY worrisome.  Then he poses for some photos with scenery and park rangers.  Yahoo headline reports "In Climate Bid, Obama Stares Down Melting Glacier" as if he's at a fukkin' heavyweight weigh-in before the big fight.

At some point this week, B. Hussein is gonna rename Mount McKinley to Denali.  He might even rub noses with an eskimo or mush a husky from a sled.  And then he's gonna fly another 3,365 miles on Air Force One back to DC to plan his Labor Day trip to the Vineyard.  Way too fukkin' busy to comment on the execution of police officers.

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