Friday, September 11, 2015

Aw Dammit! Mike Tomlin Is A Whiny Bitch Too??

Never took Mike Tomlin for one of them whiners, but there he was after the game boo hooing like a 4 year old who didn't get his ice cream.  The Stillers head coach did not flat out say it, but he was might as well have.  Tomlin obviously believes that the Pats were involved in some nefarious headset tampering scheme last night.  And that they do it all the time.  Fahkin' WAAAHHH!!  Zippy McDipshit should probably be told that the headset communications are in the hands of the NFL.  And in case ya missed it, the NFL ain't exactly driving the Pats bandwagon these days.

By the way, the Pats had the same problems.  Difference is that Belichick just kept coaching.  Ya know.  Cuz that's what wins games.

Okay Mikey!  So I guess the bad headsets made Josh Scobee shank two field goals?  And was it Scott Zolak who whispered into your ear and told you to leave Gronk UNCOVERED?  And was it only the defensive headsets that were fukked up?  I mean, your offense racked up 464 fukkin' yards, so it seemed Big Ben and his crew managed just fine.  Just shaddup and accept the gawdam loss already.  It's that kind of paranoia that has you and others already defeated before the coin toss, fahchrissake!

The Steelers rolled out a new defensive scheme last night.
They call it the Cover None!
This is what it will be going forward.  Every fukkin' thing will be suspicious or "pushing the envelope of legality."  Big Ben thought the Pats defensive line did something illegal when they shifted left just before the snap and cause two of his linemen to jump offsides at the one yard line.  He protested like a Harbaugh wondering who to cover.  "They fucking shifted!  They fucking shifted!" lip readers made out.

After the game, The Great Play Extender offered up his reason for being so upset and sounded like a fukkin' buffoon who has not played in the league for eleven years.

“I thought that there was a rule against that,” Roethlisberger said. “Maybe there’s not. Maybe it’s just an unwritten rule. . . . We saw it on film, that the Patriots do that. They shift and slide and do stuff on the goal line, knowing that it’s an itchy trigger finger-type down there.” 

Whoa Ben!!  Hold on a second!!  You saw it on film?  But your guys jumped anyway?  Tell us this, young grasshopper… when you saw it on film, did you also see the refs throw the flag?  No?  Ya wanna know why?  Cuz it’s legal.

Not to mention, you made that same Patriot defensive line shift work for you in the third quarter on your first touchdown.  From the exact same spot – the one yard line – the Pats shifted and your guy ran right over the tackle hole they vacated when they shifted.  I don’t remember you complaining to the ref after that touchdown? 

As a matter of fact, the Steelers and Big Ben KNEW the Pats would shift again in that situation.  They were not surprised and should cut the bitching.  Watch Beachum and guard Ramon Foster jump before the snap and pay attention to the direction they moved - To their right, blocking down with the shift.  Hell, the defense would be doing half the work for them because they would already moving in that direction.  The running back was going to hit the same hole as the third quarter touchdown.  They saw the Pats do it on film.  They saw that they could make it work for them.  Once it worked for them.  Once, not so much.  That’s football and Ben knows it. 

 Foster offered up his own excuses, forgetting the fact that despite his knowing when the ball would be snapped, he still moved too early.  

“They time it up in the cadence,” Steelers left guard Ramon Foster said. “Yeah, that’s one of the things they do. Welcome to Foxborough. . . .I think it’s more heightened because it’s [the Patriots] and it looks like – whatever the case may be. They’re a team that likes to take advantage of those type of situations, and we can’t give that to them.”

Welcome to Foxboro??  Asshole, they are going to do that on the fukkin’ road to.  Because it’s legal. 

Foster continues, “They’re a team that likes to take advantage of those type of situations..”  What type of situations?  Facing ill-prepared coaches and moronic offensive linemen who, despite having seen the Patriots do this on film, jump anyway?  Guess what Ramon! That’s why the Patriots win.

It's old.  And it's tiring.  But I am starting to think the Patriots are really at the root of all of this shit.  I am going with this theory:  All of these "unnamed sources" spreading rumors about bugged locker rooms, dumpster diving for play sheets and deflating footballs are really Patriot moles sowing the seeds of paranoia into the schizofukked minds of opposing players and coaches.  These guys show up in Foxboro like they just came from sharing pudding in the Cuckoo's Nest with Cheswick and McMurphy.  Instead of preparing to play football, they are circled up in the locker room making sure nobody gets in.  Fukkin hilarious!!!

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