Thursday, September 24, 2015

Come Get Papish With Me!!

Get yer Pope tickets here!!!  First come, first serve... come get Papish with us and you will not be sorry.  Get here early for a chance at standing directly behind the baricade and get a kinda up close view of the High Holy One.  That's right, pilgrims.  You too can be moved to tears by just a simple smile and a wave from Pope Frank.  PLUS...  A free Papal bobblehead to the first 600 Catholics to show up waving a Vatican City flag or a fist full of beads to catch a glimpse of the Mr. Hooper look-a-like.

Oh relax wafer-eaters... I'm just playing around with yer guilt ridden asses.  Lightning ain't gonna strike you down if you giggled a little bit at the "fist full of beads" comment.  This Pope is the friggin' balls!!  Seriously, he showed up in Congress and told those sunzobitches what's what!  He made Boehner cry.

All kidding aside - as you well know, I have no use for religion or any organization telling me how to get to heaven while asking me for money and unconditional loyalty.  BUT, there is something about this Pope that moves me.  I don't know what it is.  Oh, I ain't about to "pilgrimage" to a one car parade to catch a wave from a guy in a white bathrobe.  But I will watch this guy and the effect he has on his flock all day long.  I don't know if it's as simple as a study in human behavior or if it's more than that.

And it's not about just "being the Pope" either.  Because the last Pope was a douche bag.  Benedict and his gold laced beanie and creepy whatayadoing stare were not good for the church.  That dude connected with NOBODY!  He never came to the States, because we were probably beneath His Holiness and he didn't want to get any America on his $1,000 shoes.

But Pope Frank.... call me a fan!!!  I like him.


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