Monday, September 21, 2015

Dear New Hampshire: SMAHTEN THE FUKKUP!!

To My Fellow Live Free or Diers (and Tom Brady),

ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR FUKKIN' MINDS?  Jeezus Harold Christ - Would ya vote for Momma June because she's not a "typical politician" either?  Thanks to many of you, the Donald has been leading the polls in our state for months.  And when asked, your standard answer is because "he says the things I have wanted to say."  Yeah, no shit.  That's why YOU are not running for President.  Because you and I like saying shit that insults, offends and inflames!  We do it for effect.  But would you want the writer of this blog to be running the fukkin' country?

This loud mouthed asshole is nothing but a sophomoric WWE character who HAS NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE to offer.  And you have him leading the polls.  Because he's loud and different.  We all agree that typical politicians on both sides of the aisle are only concerned about gaining control and staying in control.  But do you want Donald the Insulting Douche to be the face of our nation?  He's disrespectful, vulgar and stupid.

Aside from Trump, there are two other atypical politicians on the Republican side who are worth a strong look!  Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.  Both of whom, by the way, will FUCK with the liberals' minds.  A black man and a woman.   And it appears now that Carly is moving up in the polls.

Politics aside, we also need our President to be dignified and of strong moral character.  You cannot have it both ways.  You cannot shout from the mountaintops about how Slick Willie embarrassed the office by getting his adulterous dick smoked in the Oval Office, and then place yourself in Trump's camp alongside his obnoxious insults and fuk 'em all attitude.

Just because you agree with his alleged ideas on economics and defense and foreign policy, that does not mean he will be a good President.  You might as well call me a viable candidate using that logic.

Here's the simple truth, dummies:  If Trump is the Republican nominee, I, along with many many other red card carrying loyalists, will be forced to vote for whatever asshole the Democrats have put up against him.  Frighteningly, that would include Hillary.  You know how much my ass hurt typing that???   But I would rather have a typical politician with bad policies who puts on a good face than this maniac from Atlantic City.  That's why we have checks and balances!!

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