Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ESPN vs. The Patriots: Becoming Shameful and Embarrassing!

Maybe it's all because Bill Belichick looked Tom Jackson in the eye and said "Fuck you" on the field after the Pats 2004 Super Bowl win over the Panthers, their 3rd in 4 years.  I mean, the hatred of the Patriots by ESPN MUST have a genesis, right?  There MUST be something... the inaccuracy of Chris Mortensen and the network's refusal to acknowledge that the four letter network played an active and undeniable role in propagating the DeflateGate story only perpetuated the belief that the dillweeds in Bristol have a stick up their asses over the Patriots.  So maybe it was that moment when Hoodie refused to bow down to a has-been linebacker and his all powerful network that put the rest of the ESPNers on the warpath against the Patsies.

If you don't know that story, pull up a stool and have a listen.

At the beginning of 2003 season, Hoodie cut Lawyer Milloy 5 days before the season opener against Buffalo.  Milloy signed with the Bills the next day and helped Buffalo flat out destroy the Pats, 31-0.  Tom Jackson went on the air after that game and announced to the world that the Patriot players "hate their coach."  Kinda like Dilfer and Young telling us last year that Brady hated the ownership.

Jackson's words: "Let me say this very clearly.  They hate their coach and their season could be over."  After one game, the season was over, according to some washed up pile of vomit who later admitted that he never really talked to any Patriot players before proclaiming hatred on their behalf.  Of course, Tommy Jackoff was wrong.  So wrong.  The Patriots and their "hated" coach responded like they always respond when someone from the outside challenges their integrity.  They stomped mudholes in every team in their path.  They lost just one more game that year and beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl.  Because of Jackson's lies on the air, Belichick would not talk to ESPN that season.  But after the game, Jackson was on the field on the ESPN set with Berman and offered a congratulatory hand to Belichick.  Hoodie had just two words and no handshake for Jackson.  Fuck You.

That is all it took for ESPN to put Hoodie and the Pats in their dog house.  Belichick had the unmitigated gall to refuse ESPN interviews for an entire season.  ESPN's answer:  Just keep making up shit and manufacturing controversy.  Good for ratings, Pats be damned.

The inefficiencies and incompetency of the NFL and its legal team was on full display the last few weeks in Judge Berman's court room.  The NFL suffered an embarrassing defeat.  But today, I think ESPN is embarrassing themselves even more by drudging up Spygate once again.  Ya see, the Bristol Dinks had their hopes pinned to Goodell winning in court.  But Brady and the Pats won again.

So now, they are continuing their crusade by "reporting" that Spygate was much worse than what has been reported.  8 fukkin' years ago.  The crux of the story:  Goodell was extra hard on the Patriots this time because he helped conceal video tape evidence and was not hard enough 8 years ago.  A make up call.  Sure, that makes sense.  Assholes.

In 2007, the Patriots were caught filming Jets coaches hand signals from the sidelines during the opening game of the season.  Mind you, it was not the videotaping of the coaches that was illegal.  A team was allowed to do that from the press box and other approved locations in the stadiums.  You just could not do it from the sidelines.  So they broke the rules.  Belichick admitted to the infraction.  They were fined a first round draft pick and $750 thousand dollars.  Seems fairly hefty, but the league had sent a memo to all teams before that season warning them that they cannot tape from the sidelines.  So the Pats had to suck it up and accept their punishment.  Along with this new moniker of "CHEATERS."

Mind you, many teams were doing the same thing before that season.  Which is why the league sent the memo.  Today's ESPN report claims that the Pats recorded coaches signals as many as 40 games before that season.  I don't doubt that.  Because it seems EVERY team was doing it.  AND BECAUSE BELICHICK ACKNOWLEDGED THAT FACT at the end of the 2007 season.. that they had taped "significant number of games."  So this is not really news.  After the memo was sent out, the Pats did it one more time, got caught, and served the punishment.  Today's story talks about the Pats having diagrams of Steelers defensive signals.  Um... that's not cheating.  If you cannot change your signals or if they are that easy to decode, then it's you who sucks.  Sorry.

Hell... the Patriots win because they work harder, prepare more and flat out do it better.  Ask Reggie Wayne.  That do-nothing stat padder wanted no part of playing in New England, which is why he asked to be released.  He said playing for the Patriots was "too tough" and "not fun."  And THAT'S why you suck, good sir.  Because you don't try hard enough.

ESPN just shamelessly reports shit that does not fukkin' exist.  A few weeks ago, ESPN allowed TWO of their on-air personalities to unequivocally report that the Patriots were found to have video taped a Rams walk-through practice prior to the 2001 Super Bowl.  Ignoring the fact that the Boston Herald story that originally reported that story in 2007 was retracted and proven to be false.  When called on it, ESPN issued a midnight apology for misrepresenting the story.

But whattaya know... IN TODAY'S report on ESPN.com, those assholes just keep on keepin' on.  Unbelievably, they reference that untrue story once again.  From the story:

A former member of the NFL competition committee says the committee spent much of 2001-06 "discussing ways in which the Patriots cheated," even if nothing could be proved. It reached a level of paranoia in which conspiracy theories ran wild and nothing -- the notion of bugging locker rooms or of Brady having a second frequency in his helmet to help decipher the defense -- was out of the realm of possibility. There were regular rumors that the Patriots had taped the Rams' walk-through practice before Super Bowl XXXVI in February 2002, one of the greatest upsets in NFL history, a game won by the Patriots 20-17 on a last-second Adam Vinatieri field goal. 

They admit that nothing could be proved, yet also rely on "regular rumors" to make their story.  No fukkin' shame!!!  They ADMITTED TWO FUKKIN WEEKS AGO THAT THERE WAS NO TRUTH TO THE STORY OF TAPING THE RAMS PRACTICE!  Yet, they just throw that nugget into their story because it furthers their agenda.

The story quotes a "source close to the Panthers" regarding the 2004 Super Bowl.

"Our players came in after that first half and said it was like [the Patriots] were in our huddle," a Panthers source says.  "Do I have any tape to prove they cheated?" this source says. "No. But I'm convinced they did it."

Oh, I didn't know you were CONVINCED.  That's different!!  Gawdam cheaters.

Just to remind everyone what happens around here....  In 2003, Tom Jackson told the world the Pats hated their coach.  Pats lost just one game after that and won the Super Bowl.  In 2007, The Jets, Rams and others claim the Pats are cheaters.  The Pats won 18 straight games and were just a velcro sticker on a helmet away from another championship.   In 2014, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer told the world that Tom Brady was in decline and that he was angry with the front office.  Pats went 13-2 after that and won another Super Bowl.

So keep it up ESPN!  We can just build more trophy cases.  Assholes!  You just keep paying guys like Ray Lewis and Cris Carter while shouting about integrity.

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