Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's a Bannah Day For A Fuk You Pahty!

Seven months of reegawdamdiculousness is behind us.  This is the day the Lawd hath made.  Let us rejoice and be wikkid fahkin' glad!!   TMFB is stuffin' his golden hands under center tonight against my other favorite team.  Fahk yunz all!!  I know... a Pats fan likin' the Stillers is like Oprah ordering a salad.  Ya just don't see it that often.  But in my fahked up skitzo kinda way, I will hate the Black and Gold tonight before going back to lovin' them tomorrow.

Just before kickoff, the 4th bannah will be raised for the loyals to see to the spot where it will spend all of eternity.  And Patriot Nation will drop their pants and slap their cheeks in the southwesterly direction of Roger Goodell.  Here's some fukkin' moonshine for ya, Ginger Fuck!  At the same time, they will be dropping a metaphorical turd on the heads of the ESPNers in Bristol!  

As far as football goes, I have no idea how the Patsies are gonna do tonight.  Yeah, I know... Brady did not get a first down until the third preseason game.  But that holds about as much significance as a Wells Report.  Tonight is the real deal.  Ya got yer Meathead at tight end and yer minipsycho in the slot.  Ya got yer first teamers in the trenches and who the fuk knows at running back.  So the offense should be fine.  But that defense??  The fat guys should be solid as will be the linebackers.  But I have no fakin' idea who's gonna cover who.  Is Butlah gonna really turn one amazing play into a #1 cornerback job?  We'll see.  I ain't sold yet.  But somebody better get on Rapelisberger before he finds Antonio Brown wide open.  And Heath Millah scares the poopies out of me.  

But then again, IBWT!!!    Wussat?  In Bill We Trust!  Thank God the Pats hired that pocket sized oompa loompa to sneak into Mike Tomlin's britches and steal his plays.  

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