Thursday, October 29, 2015

Doubling Down On Pussification Today

Ya know those faded blue Chuck Taylor's you have stuffed away in your closet behind your paisley luggage and a dusty exercise ball?  Well, don't you dare think about putting those babies on and walking into a California school.  That's because those canvas beauties with the red star on the outside ankle would be deemed "gang-related" in this nation of pussies in which we live.  You think I'm fukkin' with ya?  

A 12 year old honors student was sent home from school with a dress code violation for wearing this shirt:

Administrators tell us that the shirt is deemed "gang-related" because of the star in the upper left of the design.  They claim that because the star is associated with the Norteno gang, this shirt blurs the line between free speech and safety.  SAFETY???  Holy fukkin' shit!!  So, because some collection of northern California drug runners with a gang code have associated themselves with a star, honor students wearing stars on shirts bought at fukkin' Kohl's are sent home?  Good thing Converse sneakers and Starter jackets are out of style.   

Oh... and the other pussified bullshit that made the news this week, of course coming from MSNBC.  Melissa Harris-Perry has a Saturday show on MSNBC.  Obviously because Saturday is the wasteland of news shows, where talent-less hacks go to spew idiocy.  Harris-Perry was interviewing someone named Alfonso Aguilar about Paul Ryan.  Aguilar described Ryan as a "hard worker" in Washington.  Harris-Perry stopped Aquilar in his tracks to caution him about using the term "hard worker" so freely.  Because, according to this fukkin' crazy ass bitch, that term is offensive to slaves and working women.  HUH?   I got nothing else ... read the interview for yourself HERE.

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