Saturday, October 24, 2015


Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!  Hurricane Patricia has made landfall in Mayheeco.  Hold on to yer sombreros, board up your pueblos and grab yer jumpin' beans!  She's a nasty beetch.

Mexican government officials are putting their emergency preparedness to the test this weekend.  Patricia is hammerin' 'em with 160 mph winds and Angry God type rains.  Residents are preparing for widespread damage, power outages and complete and total fukkery.  I sure hope they have protected their most important citizens... please keep the weather girls safe from harm!

How do you know she's NOT talking about the hurricane?

Shitz n' Giggles has created a gofundme page for the Weather Girl Hurricane Relief Fund.  We will use all proceeds to fly Mayta, Yanet, Keren and Sugey and all of their colleagues to the safe haven of the Granite State.  Just look at these faces.  I can almost hear Sara McLachlan, can't you?  How can you turn your back in their time of need?  For just $1.35 a day, you can fill my office with las meteorologistas!!  And save a life at the same time.

Yanet Garcia
Estefania Caballero
Keren Rios
Mary Gamarra
Mayta Carranco
Sugey Abrego
Susana Almeida

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