Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MMLS: Bustin' Out The "Rex Ryan" Audible!!

I'd prefer they blow him out.  But then again, you don't get Rex Ryan head set throwing fuk bomb temper tantrums when the game is out of hand.  So there is definitely some joy in the close ones.  But I'd rather blow him out.  Cuz that's more fun.

Ya know what else is fun?  When Brady audibles "REX RYAN.  REX RYAN" on the third play of the game and then to hear linebacker Nigel Bradham tell us after the game that he knew the play would be a run to the right.  No fukkin' shit!  So, Sherlock, you figured out that Rex Ryan meant Run Right?  It's a wonder the Bills are only 5-5 with players that smart over there.

In week 2, the Pats threw the ball 62 times against the Bills defense, causing some to lament (i.e. that man titted pant load in a Buffalo sweater vest and receiver gloves) that Brady and Belichick were trying to run it up on Buffalo and "embarrass" them.  Without Edeleman and Lewis and with the short passing game in disrepair, the Pats had to rely on the run last night.  And it did not go so well.  That's cuz Buffalo has a monstrous front four.  

The M*A*S*H unit at the Razor is filling up like ya fukkin' read about.  Amendola and Dobson limped off last night.  That leaves Brandon LaDropsies and some guy named Harper as the only healthy receivers this morning.  Think about this for a minute - the last four weeks, the Pats have lost their best running back, their best receiver, their best defensive player and their entire fukkin' offensive line.  And yet, they continue to friggin' win!!  

It cannot last.  This makes no gawdam sense.  If Amendola is out for any period of time, Brady is going to see more pressure like he did last night.  Because the timing is off.  The Bills took Gronk away by double teaming him and bracketing him over the top.  He only had two catches.  Brady has dominated against the Bills for years, mostly because of guys like Welker, Edelman, Woodhead, Vereen and Dion Lewis who read where the blitz comes from and get to that spot.  

But maybe it CAN last.  That's because, lost in the prolific offense, and what nobody ever seems to talk about, the Pats defense is getting stronger.  Even with Jamie Collins battling some kind of bubonic linebacker eating plague, this squad is busting balls week after week.  They are quietly second in the NFL in rushing defense and fourth in points per game allowed.  Led by Chandler Bing Jones, New England is FOURTH in the league in sacks with 30.  And with Darrelle Revis is getting smoked in Jersey and Brandon Browner making an ass of himself in N'awlens, Malcom Butlah is making Hoodie look the genius once again.  This kid is becoming a shut down corner.  Last week, he nullified Odell Beckham and last night, he shut down Sammy Ten Target Watkins.  The kid is good!  And with McCourty and Chung playing safety, the alleged weakened secondary ain't so weak.  Now, if we can get Jonathan Freeny to cover a fukkin' running back, all will be good.

So it's 10-0 and off to the Rocky Mountains to bring Peyton a get well card.  But before that, let's Give Thanks to Gisele.  For you know... the white bikini.  And the hotness.

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