Monday, November 16, 2015

MMLS: Gawdam Giants!

Down at the Slinky in the Swamp, the train kept a rollin'~

Didn't look that way at the two minute warning, tho.  Instead, it looked like those fukkin' Giants were gonna keep pokin' the Patsy VooDoo Doll and continue their domination over TMFB and the Hood.  But then Malcom Butlah made the play, the GOAT picked his way downfield and Steven Clutchkowski kept the FukAllYall Tour intact!!!

Thank God Elizabeth Manning and the Jersey Giants never make the playoffs.  Or I don't think New England ever gets a Lombardi.  I don't know what it is that Teapot Coughlin and Peyton's Bettah Brothah have over the Pats.  But it is fukkin' scary shit!  I think it's just that Coughlin doesn't crap his pants and lose his mind when he faces Belichick.  He just worries about coaching his team and planning his game instead of sweeping locker rooms for bugs or bitching about formations.  I loved his post-game press conference.  No bullshit.  No excuses.  Just pure honesty about how bad he felt losing that way.

One more thing on the Giants - color me an Odell Beckham fan.  Dude is good.  That's a no-brainer.  But he and Butlah engaged in quite a mano y mano battle all day.  And every time Butlah wanted to talk trash after making a play, Beckham patted him on his ass and said nice play and back to the huddle.  THIS is what the NFL needs more of.  Yeah, I know he called out Gronk on his touchdown spike in the first quarter.  But that was an 87 yard play and emotion gets to you sometime.

-  New England frustrated the befukkers out of me yesterday with their inopportune penalties.  The holding call on Blount's fourth quarter score was just the frosting.  But some of that horseshit was on the officials.  Eli went to his go-to third and short play at least four times yesterday and got the conversion.  I think it's called Z Swipe X Fatty Right Pass Interference Bitch!  But everyone settle down with the "Goodell was there, the refs were against us" bullshit.  Except for the phantom PI on Butlah (which had me throwing my hat at the television), those are calls that are made all season.  It's the way the league works.

-  Duron Harmon had better be buying Danny DLDola dinner for the rest of the season after dropping his teammate 10 yards short of a touchdown on that punt return.  What the fuk was he doing running straight at his teammate who had already cleared every defender?  Just meet him in the gawdam endzone fahchrisake!  Good thing for Harmon they ended up scoring a few plays later.

-  TMFB was definitely not at his best yesterday.  Two fumbles and what should have been two picks does not a goat make.  But when it came time to nut up or shut up, he did it again.  The last drive was almost never a drive at all because of that pop fly he threw to centerfield that woulda coulda shoulda been intercepted.  Except that it wasn't.  Maybe Landon Collins should have caught that ball with his helmet.

-  Nothing to do with the Pats-Giants, but......   Peyton Manning.  Nice record you got there sonny.  Now have a fukkin' seat cuz you suck again.  His QBR yesterday was Mr. Blutarski level - Zero Point One.  But Denver claims he's injured.  And has been injured.  Well, except that game against the Packers.  He wasn't injured then.  Just all the other games.  Manning was benched to give legendary Brock Osweiller a chance.  17 interceptions this season.  But nice record.

So... whattaya say we do a little victory dancing?  
Cue the music.  Cue the cave boners!  Go to Rio.

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