Monday, November 30, 2015

MMLS: Now Gronk and Hightower?? FUK!

Alas... there will be no victory dance for the first time in a year.  No, I do not count that gift we handed Buffalo last year in week 16.  It was November 30 2014 the last time the good guys felt the dick punch of defeat in a game where they were actually trying.  I would say that getting a loss now is a blessing.  It at least stops the meaningless nonsense of undefeated talk.  We can leave the 16-0 pressure to that bipolar, dabbin' dickhead in Carolina.  But there is nothing fukkin' blessing-like about these gawdam injuries!!!

Denver deserves credit for the win because they scored more points.  And it was as exciting a game as you can get.  Brady did his thing within 1 minute and got Clutchkowski in position to tie the game and take it to overtime.  Denver had it's own clutch drive, scoring late to take the lead, albeit with the help of some wikkid fukked up officiating and typically aggressive play calls from the Pats on that second to last drive.  DAMN IT run the ball!  Listen, they are 25 and 2 over their last 27 games, so I guess they know what they are doing moreso than a half-ass blogger whose best talent is spelling fuck in a Boston accent.  But RUN THE DAMN BALL!!  

Now, back to the injuries.  I have heard national sports dopes talk about the Pats injury woes and liken it to all the other teams suffering injuries at this time of year.  They say ya cannot use injuries as an excuse because every team has them.  Um, you find me a team that has lost its top 5 receivers that has also lost two of its top three defensive players and has also lost its best offensive lineman and then I can be with you on the whole "every team is going through this" argument.  I do know THIS much.... Amendola does NOT drop that punt!!   Gronk's injury was the result of a low hit by an itty bitty defensive back.  While I hate that it happened like that, it is NOT dirty.  So please Pats fans, don't go that route.  You should know better than anyone that the only way to bring that monster down is to go at his legs.  It sucks.  But it's the truth.  How many times have you seen a DB try to "wrap him up" only to be carried for 5 yards or more?  

Listen, it cannot be an excuse.  That's because the Pats are still 10-1 and in the AFC driver's seat.  But the future is fukkin' bleak all of a sudden.  Next week at home, Hoodie will be trotting out a lineup you would usually see in the fourth exhibition to back TMFB against the Eagles.  Thank God its the innovative, ground breaking mind of Chip Kelly coming to the Razah next week.  Brady should be able to beat them with the likes of Harper, Cleveland and Martin.  Harper and Cleveland and Martin?  OH MY!

So, while there is no victory dance to gawk at this morning, we DO bring you the Stop The Fukkin' Injuries Dance.   Cue the music bitches.  I'm going to pray to the God of Healing Gronkapotamuses.

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