Monday, December 28, 2015

So They Opted To Kick. Time To Let It Go People.

Now that the 24 hour cool down period has elapsed, time to unwad your knickers, suck up your buttercup and settle the fuk down Patriot nation.  Matthew Slater was not a victim of "muscle memory" like that idiot Fouts wondered aloud (How in hell do these idiots ever get hired?).  Quit breaking down the transcript of the coin toss discussion between the ref and the Pats.  Belichick wanted to kick.  That's it.  I'd rather they didn't, but they did.  And in case you're not paying very close attention, I am not the greatest coach to pull on a hoodie.  And neither are you.

Are you even aware that the Pats defense held the J E T S to just 33 yards in the fourth quarter, including a big stop on the Jets final possession when they were 15 yards from field goal range? Before the last Pats drive when they were stopped on third down twice but converted fourth down plays, the Pats offense had gained just 21 yards.  The Pats were ONE FOR TEN on third down during this game, including 1 for 5 in the fourth quarter.  Yes, the Pats had a 66 yard drive to tie the game... BUT THEY NEEDED those fourth down plays to do it.  If that were overtime, they punt.

Coach Four Rings felt that the team's best chances were in the hands of the defense making a stop before turning the ball back into the hands and foot of the greatest quarterback and kicker on the planet.  It was a field position game all day.  And had Teyvon Wilson, the 5th string safety on the depth chart, defended a fukkin' diagonal route properly (Football 101 according to Tedy Bruschi), they may have made that stop.  But nope.  The Jets won.  Big deal.

All that being said... I still wish they had given Brady a chance first before asking their defense to make a stop.  But in the grand scheme of things, the Jets continue to do things without Rex Ryan that they could never do with him.  And that makes me very very happy.

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