Friday, February 27, 2015

Fukkit Friday: How Do You Steal A Friggin' House?

Two stories I just saw on the news this morning had me thinking... it must be Friday.  Two llamas running amok through traffic in Sun City, Arizona were caught on camera from above by a sky news chopper.  Seriously??  Motorists and police chasing the beasts in circles made for high comedy.  The only thing that would have made this story better would have been if the llamas stopped occasionally to turn around and spit on the people chasing them.

Oh, better yet, in Klamath Falls, Oregon, police were investigating a stolen house.  Ya read that right.  A 1200 square foot log cabin was stolen from Nine Mile Road in Klamath Falls.  It took police three days to find it... A HALF MILE AWAY.  Two things...  first, if you can steal a gawdam house, you belong in the Robbery Hall of Fame.  Second, what kind of doofuses are in the Klamath Falls Police Department??  The friggin' cabin was just a half mile away.  That's comparative to someone moving the remote from one side of the couch to the other and it takes you three days to find it.  Hmmmm, maybe I can work for the KFPD!

Not to mention, the story about the dress that looks white and gold to some people and blue and black to other people.  I shit you not..  this is on the fukkin' news!  I think I'm calling the I-Team and telling them about the deep snow in my back yard.

Couple of items here to kick your ass into the weekend.  It's gonna be March on Sunday.  That means Irish music, warmer temps and bigger smiles.  Some Toby Keith singin' about payday, Johnny Cash givin' Fuck Off Friday some style and nakey Kate Upton.  I love the weekends!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wage Inequality Between Genders: The Big Blue Lie

Patricia Arquette won for Best Actress in a Supporting Role Sunday night, defying all odds by beating Meryl Effin Streep (that's what Doogie called her).  During her acceptance speech, the former Twofer Twosday cover girl got Streep and J-Lo doing the You Go Girl finger point by soap boxing "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America!"  And backstage, she went a giant leap for womankind further by proclaiming that it was time for "gay people and people of color that we've all fought for to fight for us (women) now."  Fukkin' delusional Hollywood.  By her statement, Arquette obviously feels that blacks and gays owe it to white women to start fighting for them now.  There is no other way to spin it.

You tell 'em Patsy!  Shit, that dude with the bad teeth who won last year
should get $8 million a movie just like me.  Equal pay - Equal work!!

Self-righteous Hollywood aside, Arquette and Streep (who makes $8 million per film) might want to do a little research rather than listen to the Jackass party line and preach campaign phrases as gospel.  You see, the mythological gender pay gap is just that... a myth bandied about by the likes of Liz Running Mouth Warren and other liberalites using deception and victimhood to gain the woman vote.
You have heard about the 23 cent gap for a few years now... Barry Hussein himself announced last April that "Today, the average full-time working woman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man 2014, that's an embarrassment.  It is wrong."  And Patricia Arquette and Meryl Streep agree, gawdamit!!!

Jeezus... sure sounds like a guy is gettin' paid $50,000 a year to drive a bus while a woman only gets $38,500 to drive that same bus.  Well, that's what they want you to think when they yell for "equal pay for equal work."  Shit... if a boss can get away with paying women 23% less than they pay men, wouldn't it make sense to hire just women??  They would save a boatload of money on salaries.
To be clear, those numbers are absolutely correct, based on reports by the Department of Labor.  And when you hear those numbers, you probably have the reaction that the Democrats are seeking... that discriminatory practices of employers result in women being paid less than men for the same work.  I know, Obama never used the term "same work" because then he would be lying.  And lord knows he does not lie.  But his message is subtly implied if not stated outright on the official White House website:  "There is good evidence that discrimination contributes to the persistent pay disparity between men and women."  By the way, even in the White House, women staffers earn on average just 88% of what men on Obama's staff earn.  Administration officials explain that women just happen to hold lower paying jobs in the administration, but they deny disparity in pay for people doing the same work.  If that reasoning works for the White House, why does it not work for the rest of the country???

The problem here is that the 23 cent wage gap as touted by the Democrats is based on the average ANNUAL WAGES of full time workers and does not take into account relevant differences between men and women, such as individual choices that ultimately define the type of occupations, college majors, length of time in the workplace and motherhood.  It has nothing to do with unscrupulous employers discriminating against women in their companies.  

The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the wage gap shrinks to 19 cents when looking at weekly wages and even smaller (to 14 cents) when looking at hourly wages.  Why this difference, you might ask?  Well, because studies have proven that women work fewer hours per week than men.  The Department of Labor does a Time Use survey every year.  In 2011, they found that the average full time working man spends 8.75 hours per day on the job while the average full time working woman works 8.01 hours per day.  That fact alone shrinks the gap even further.

Even the American Association of University Women agrees that these differences go the distance in explaining the pay gap.  Men are much more likely to take jobs that are physically demanding in dangerous conditions and thus are much higher paying.  Steel workers, loggers, long haul truckers, etc. all pose significant risk and less than desirable working conditions and are jobs filled primarily by men.  Men are more likely to work overnight shifts, on rooftops, outdoors in general.  In 2012, 92% of work related deaths were to men.  At the same time, according to the AAUW, women are more likely to trade higher pay for more desirable job conditions and tend to seek jobs with consistent hours and little travel.

College education and degree choices also play a major role in defining salaries.  Women tend to choose fields of study that pay less, like liberal arts, education and sociology while more men choose fields of study like finance, engineering and accounting.  Economics majors (66% male) have a median annual income of $70,000 while sociology majors (68% female) have a median annual income of $40,000.

The reasons why men and women make the choices they do around jobs are many, and we cannot deny that social stereotypes and expectations often direct women and men to certain career paths.  However, that has NOTHING to do with discrimination.  

While some people would like to paint women as victims of a sexist economy, it should be noted that more women are earning far more college degrees than men and actually have reason to celebrate.  In a study done in 2010 of major cities in the United States, a research firm out of New York cited US Census numbers and found that single, childless women in their 20s earn on average 8% more than their male counterparts in the same category.

April 9th is Equal Pay Day because supposedly that is how far into the next year a woman would need to work to earn what a man earned the previous year.  Instead of perpetuating the lie and treating women like victims, we should be empowering women with the truth.