Thursday, January 7, 2016

Amendola Has Ruined The Lives Of His Neighbors!!

Some NFL players beat women, bloody their kids or just plain kill people.  The next NFL Public Enemy #1 is Danny Amendola who is about to be run out of the state that calls itself an island but IS NOT A FUKKIN ISLAND!

I guess Danny DL-Dola lives in College Hill, allegedly a historic neighborhood in Providence, RI.  Although I don't know what the fuk kind of history happened in Providence except for that one night at the Foxy Lady when I was visiting JP at Providence College.

Well, Amendola has managed to wad up the twat waffles that are his neighbors because he had the nerve to put up a carport in his driveway BEHIND his house.  Amendola said he needs to keep his Audi out of the snow so he can get to Gillette on time for practice.  Would you want to draw the ire of The Hoodie?  Hell, most Patriots would rather take a kick in the dude whistle than get sent home by Belichick.

Note:  Amendola sought AND RECEIVED approval from the city and the historic district.
And double note:  It's behind his house.

Some neighbors call the carport "catastrophic."  One particularly annoying douche canoe said, "We all have beautiful clapboard houses and here's this horrible kind of tin structure, with metal and black, and it just looks chintzy."  Holy fuk, lady.  Get over yourself.

Here... have a look-see at the carport that has ruined the lives of the poor souls who are now forced to live in the same neighborhood with a horrible kind of tin structure.

And just for shitzengiggles, here is an aerial photo of Amendola's house.  Note the FUKKIN PORT-A-POTTIE in the neighbor's driveway!!!   I guess that's a memorial to the 1700s??

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