Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Really Has No Clue

I don't know what the hell to do this election!  My side is being led by a narcissistic petulant little child who redlined the Ridiculous Meter when he pulled that fukkin' maniac from Alaska into his fold to suck the balls of the Tea Party and turned their podium into something from the WWgawdamE!  Far behind him are some legitimate candidates who are having a hard time being heard over the Trump keg party noise.

The Jackasses, meanwhile, are being led by a pantsuit of criminal deceit and corruption who is quick to tell you that her biggest accomplishment is flying in a lot of airplanes.  And the other Democrat with a chance is an aged moron from Vermont stoned on Ben & Jerrys who is running on an agenda of everything you want to hear that will never happen because it's idiotic.

I've spent enough time on that fukkin' doucheberry Hillary.  So let's spend a few minutes tearing down Bernie's platform and his lack of a clue.

First, student loans.  Oh sure, he does want to to lower interest rates on student loans and I am all for that.  That might be the only thing he speaks to that has a chance of ever happening - interest rates SHOULD be lower on student loans.  HOWEVER, his statements on this topic prove he doesn't have a gawdam clue about basic economics!!!  He recently tweeted this little nugget of stupidity!!
Except, Bernie, that it makes PERFECT sense!  You see, you old coot, car loans and mortgages are what you would call SECURED LOANS!!  In other words, if you don't pay, they take your shit away.  Banks can give lower interest rates because they have the protection of repossession or foreclosure.  They cannot repossess a college degree!  That's UNSECURED, so you have to expect to pay a higher rate.

But then Uncle Bernie takes it a few steps further.  He claims he will make tuition free for all public colleges and universities.  But then he goes on to clarify that public colleges shall meet 100% of financial needs of the lowest-income students.  Wait, what about the middle income students?  And the high income students?  Public colleges really will NOT be free, then, right?  Also, if college is free, then why would we need to worry about interest rates on student loans?

Bernie claims that his college plan would cost $75 billion dollars and would be paid for by taxing Wall Street speculators.  Big problem here too....  In 2014, there were 14 million students attending public colleges and universities.  The average cost of attendance was $15,640 per year.  Real math tells me that free college for 14 million students would cost $224 billion dollars.  Looks like Bernie's common core Vermont math was only off by about $150 billion dollars.  Small potatoes.

Bern also took the time to let us know that he has no fukkin' idea how the Supreme Court works.
Um, Senator Sanders.... that's not how it works.  Supreme Court justices do not get to just set their agenda on any old controversy.  Article III of the Constitution states clearly that the highest court in the land is not to step in until a case arrives at their bench.  They do not just get to say, "Okay, today I want to take on Citizen United decision."  The Supreme Court only has appellate jurisdiction, meaning two parties have to disagree and end up in federal court.  And they have to follow the process that would make the Supreme Court the last stop.  Justices cannot ignore other decisions in front of them, so to say any decision would be "first" is ignorant at best.  But Bernie says things that will give voters liberal boners without understanding reality.

Oh and then there was this tweet of imbecility.

I guess the cute old gentleman from Vermont does not realize that one of these things is a FUKKIN CRIME!!  Until the burning a fatty becomes legal, if ya get caught smoking it, then you're gonna get a criminal record.  But let's be clear, lots of kids who smoke marijuana do not have a criminal record and lots of CEO's who have broken laws to ruin lives do have criminal records.  Again, he speaks to what the voters like to hear, regardless of facts or reality.

But that's okay... you keep listening to Uncle Bernie.  And keep telling yourself that college will be free and that everyone will make the same money someday.  Me... I'll be over hear watching a different fantasy film.

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