Monday, February 15, 2016

Scalia's Passing: It's All About The Scorecard

It's complete asshole-ageddon in Washington this President's Day, where both parties are flexin' their tonsils with nonsense and hypocrisy.  Yeah, I know... what else is new?  The Republicans are demanding that B. Hussein hold off on nominating a new Supreme Court justice so that the new President can do that.  Meanwhile, the Democrats are espousing a new found love of Constitutional procedure, which is like John Daly preaching about healthy living.

Justice Antonin Scalia
I'll tackle the GOP first... While I would rather Obama hold off and let the new President nominate the next justice, that is not how it works and I have to be okay with that.  First of all, who's to say the next POTUS is gonna be a good guy.  What if the next Commander in Chief is, you know, a former First Lady or a socialist hippie?  BHO says he is going to nominate someone.  And Mitch McConnell says he's going to lead the filibuster to keep Obama's nomination from confirmation.  McConnell said that the "American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice."   Um, Mr. Mitch.. the American people did have a voice when they re-elected Obama.  We gave him another four years and he still has a year left to do his job.  That's life.  Quit being a sore loser and spend more time trying to find a Republican candidate who can energize the American people with ideas and leadership instead of fluff and vulgarity.  Antonin Scalia is being memorialized by conservatives as a hero to the Constitution.  But at the same time, they are demanding that the President ignore the same Constitution.  Pick a side assholes.  And stick with it.

President Obama on Saturday night promised to "meet his constitutional responsibilities" and name a new justice in due time.  That's funny, huh?  Since when is meeting his constitutional responsibilities EVER his priority?   His public dismissal of all things checks and balances (I have a pen and a phone) has been a blatant violation of his charge to "take care that laws are faithfully executed."  The Constitution is clear that the President has "no authority to suspend the enforcement of laws, particularly of statutes."  Yet he has suspended many parts of his very own Affordable Care Act without acts of Congress.  The Budget Act of 1974 calls for the President to submit his budget to Congress by the first Monday of February every year.  Obama has missed that deadline in 6 of his 8 years (some years as much as three months late).  The Constitution and laws mean nothing to this man, yet today he promises to meet his Constitutional responsibilities.

With the Republicans acting the fools at the debate the other night, high ranking Democrats have jumped up on their imaginary moral high ground lecturing GOP senators to uphold their sworn duties to democracy.  WigWam Warren posted on Facebook:
Senate Republicans took an oath just like Senate Democrats did. Abandoning the duties they swore to uphold would threaten both the Constitution and our democracy itself. It would also prove that all the Republican talk about loving the Constitution is just that — empty talk.
She was likely to busy smokin' the peace pipe in 1987 when the Democrat led senate promised an all-out fight against whoever Reagan would nominate once liberal Justice Lewis Powell retired in June of that year.  Led by drunk driver Teddy Kennedy and Dumbass Joe Biden, the senate rejected Reagan's first nominee (Robert Bork) and chased his second nominee (Steven Ginsburg) into withdrawing before relenting for the more moderate Anthony Kennedy.  Thanks to the politics of the Democrat controlled Senate, the Supreme Court went 8 months with a vacancy.  Back then, I guess upholding their sworn duties to democracy was not really a thing.

What I found even more troubling this weekend was the outright celebration over the death of a Supreme Court justice on social media by the moonbats who will be voting for Hillary or Bernie in November.  He was 79 years old, married for 66 years, father of 9 and grandfather of 28.  Yet, the hate-filled social media posts were so shameless, one would think that Scalia personally ruined the lives of millions.  One asshole said publicly that she hasn't been this happy about someone's death since Bin Laden.  Another said, "Fuck you Scalia.  Rot in hell.  Learn the law while you're down there, bitch." and included a link to the Dred Scott decision of 1857.  Sure is the party of tolerance, where tolerance means "agree with me or I'll wish you dead."

I understand that Scalia was as conservative as one can get and held diametrically opposing views to those of the liberal left and even many Republicans.  He was anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and anti-affirmative action.  He was a Supreme Court justice who was best known for his scathing dissents, probably because he was always dissenting.  But ultimately, he was true to his belief that this nation shall remain true to the text of the Constitution and the "ordinary meaning" of statutes.  He was considered an "originalist" or a "textualist."  He did not believe in the idea of a "living Constitution" that changes with the times.  And he would never waiver from that philosophy, even if it created the perception of hate and bigotry.  But I would argue that the Supreme Court is comprised of nine justices for the sole purpose of having a wide range of thought and opinion to form decisions.  Anything less would be a disservice to the Constitution.

In Scalia's time on the Court, his interpretations and opinions lost much more than they won.  In his words, his victories were a "damn few."  So for assholes to celebrate his passing makes no sense to me.  With Scalia on the bench, the court has continuously upheld Roe v Wade.  It ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in two cases, including legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states in 2015.  In 2003, the court struck down sodomy laws that were in place in 14 states, making same-sex, consensual sexual activity legal.  In 2010, the court allowed that corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts on elections.  And in 2012, the court upheld Obamacare.  Yes, all of this happened with Scalia dissenting.  However, civil dissent is a vital matter of public discourse, and without it, anarchy would prevail.

So thank you Mr. Scalia.  For your service and devotion to our Constitution.  I will not be dancing in the streets with the liberal jackasses!

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