Friday, May 13, 2016

FILHAB!!! Police Chase Ends In A Well Deserved Whoopin'!!

Here in New England, were are in a dingleberry blizzard because the shit has hit the news fan in full force.  We got people standin' around the fahkin' watah bubblah shootin' the shit about psychiatric screenings, police pursuits and the Sawx bats!!  I have taken a self-induced respite from controversial topics in this space over the past several months, opting to stick to boobage only.

But it's a FILHAB Friday, fuckleberries!  And today, I am going all beer belly cannonball into the cesspool of hot topics.  Huh?  FILHAB??   Oh, it means, "Fuck It!  Let's Have A Beer."

A 50 year old bag of douche led police on a high speed chase from Holden, MA into New Hampshire on Wednesday.  You all have seen the video of the arrest.  And you are all pissed that two troopers, one from Massachusetts and another from New Hampshire, beat the fahkin' bag out of that asshole as he lay on the ground surrendering.  In fact, those troopers have been suspended and are likely going to lose their badges.  As they probably should.  Especially in this day and age and amid the current climate, police officers just cannot lower themselves to the level of the lawbreakers.  And when they do, we MUST hold them accountable.  Okay... with that being said, I have absolutely no problem with how they pummeled that asshole?  

That chase ran right in front of my car in Hudson as I sat at the light at the end of the Sagamore Bridge, waiting to turn right onto Lowell Rd with a hundred other commuters.  That mutherfucker was doin' about 70 up the breakdown lane on 3A in front of Walmart, through rush hour traffic with no regard to safety, followed by at least 8 police cars, including Mass State Police and the Holden, MA officer who initiated the pursuit some 60 miles and 45 minutes earlier.  That mutherfucker ran through my town, took out a pole in front of town hall which is right across the street from an elementary school and playground.  That mutherfucker tried to run several police officers off the road.  So that mutherfucker deserved every gawdam body blow and headshot that was delivered to him as he lay on the ground.  EVERY GAWDAM ONE OF THEM.

I felt the adrenaline rushing through me as those cops and the suspect raced by me, jumping medians, kicking up road sand and cutting off cars - and that was only about 15 seconds of action.  I felt like I was in a movie.  I can only imagine the adrenaline level of these cops who were nearly run off the road and who had been engaged in this pursuit for over 45 minutes.

I read a few comments on social media, denouncing the police officers' behavior and saying "What if that was your son on the ground being punched by police?"  The answer to that question is this:  If that were my son, I would wait until the police were done beating him, and then I would beat his ass even worse.  I would make my son take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that happened that day.  But that was not my son.  That would never be my son.  Because I raise my kids to accept responsibility for their actions, to respect law enforcement.

It's unfortunate that two likely good cops with probable spotless records of good behavior are going to lose their jobs over this.  But lose their jobs they must.  Public trust in law enforcement is at a critical juncture right now.  We need every police officer on these streets.  We need them to keep us safe, to uphold the law and to have the wherewithal to practice self-restraint in increasingly stressful situations.  We need this because when some asshole stands up on his paper mache soap box to demonize police as a whole, we want to take his opinion and wipe our asses with it.  That can happen more easily if he has no evidence to back himself up.  Those two troopers on Wednesday did not help our cause.  And that's too bad.  Because that motherfucker DESERVED IT!!!

Fuck it!  Let's have a beer!!