Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bye Bye Bernie. Been A Great Week So Far in Philly!

Where do I start?  The leaked mails from the party of tolerance that took unequivocal dumps on Hispanics and Jews?  Debbie Wasserman Fragglerock quitting over those emails and then getting hired by the Queen Mother of email skullfukkery?  Cigar Willie's speech that made me throw up a little in my mouth?  The laffable shattering ceiling?  Or the Russians?  Oh those pesky Russians.  Or should I start with this morning's news that Bernie Sanders has high tailed it out of the Democrat party like Rosie O'Donuts from a Weight Watchers meeting.

Oh, you didn't hear?  Uncle Bernie up and left the Democrat party last night, announcing that he will be returning to the Senate as an Independent, the way he was originally elected in 2007.  Apparently, he was none too pleased with being porked in the poop hoop by DWS and the DNC.  Imagine that.... someone named Schultz keeping down a Jew.  Sound familiar??

Ya see Bernie... you learned first hand what the Democrats are all about.  Just like they do not believe that the low income Americans or minorities can pull themselves up on their own, they also do not believe that their own legion of voters are capable of making a good choice.  So they put policies in place (i.e. Super Delegates) that ensure the powerful Jackasses stay powerful.  Black lives?  You need us.  Women workers?  You need us.  Illegal immigrants?  You need us too.  So, don't be ridiculous and go thinking you can do it on your own.  If you want to succeed, you will have to let us do it for you.  That business you have there?  You didn't build that. We did.  And because of that, you must vote for us ad infinitum, you silly little fukkers!!  Oh, and we'll give you a free phone.  Let those big mean Republicans who worked for their own money buy their own phones.  And buy your phones too.  It's only fair.

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