Saturday, July 9, 2016

Don't Just Thank The Police On Facebook

Have you ever chosen to put your own life on the line to protect someone else?  Have you ever left for work knowing there is a chance that you might never see your family again because of the job that you do?

Have you ever had to act in such a way that would produce catastrophic results?  Destroy lives.  Change your own life?  Have you ever been forced to choose between your own life and the life of another human being?

Have you ever been hated, vilified, harassed, taunted, spat at, had rocks thrown at you, or shot at just because of the job you have chosen and the uniform you wear?  Have you ever decided that protecting and serving your community is more important?

And have you ever walked up to a police officer and said "Thank you" eye to eye?  I don't mean saying thank you on Facebook, posting a thin blue line image on your Instagram or writing in a blog about your gratitude for the police.  I mean, have you ever seen a police officer working a detail and instead of bitching under your breath about the overtime pay he or she is getting, have you ever stopped and given him or her a bottle of water and a thank you?

If you are like me, you answered No to all of those questions.  But I will try change that starting today.  Even more now than ever, our police officers need to know that the people in their community are thankful for their presence and respectful of their sacrifice.  They need to see it in our faces and they need to read it in our eyes.

I could not do that job.  And neither could you.  But aren't you glad that someone else can?

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