Thursday, September 1, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Is Not Socially Conscious, He's Horny.

Colin Slapperdick has decided that he will not stand for the national anthem because he refuses to pay tribute to a flag of a country that oppresses black people.  Yes, the flag and the Constitution affords him the right to stick up his kinda beige middle finger at the country in which he lives.  I hate that he does it.  But I acknowledge his right to do it.  And before you try getting all over my ass about his right to protest, remember I have the same fukkin' rights!!  So if I want to call him a good for nothing, opportunistic hypocrite and a socially ignorant fuckstorm, I will.

Back when this stack of dicks was the Niners' starting quarterback, leading his team to the Super Bowl, all was good in his little white world.  A free college education and a $114,000,000 contract.  Guess that was his white half getting the goods.  In September of 2014, the mixed race quarterback (I guess douchebag is a new race) was fined $11,000 for calling Lamaar Houston of the Chicago Bears a nigger after Houston sarcastically complimented an interception Kaepernick had just thrown.  As recently as last season, we never heard a peep from Kaepernick about oppression, even amidst the Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore fallout and the launch of Black Lives Matter movement.  But suddenly, this season, he's gonna get up on a social soap box on behalf of all those oppressed?  While wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt and a Malcom X hat.

His protest has NOTHING to do with his true beliefs, for his true beliefs are that he loves money and Egyptian poontang.  I don't have to be a fukkin' mind reader to know that.  Here are some other facts:  He is about to lose his job to a white quarterback, a decision that will be made by a coach who has been accused in the past of not liking black players.  I guess it was just a matter of time for his black half to be oppressed.

But perhaps even more relevant to his sudden change in social attitudes is the fact that he started dating an Egyptian DJ who is also a well known Muslim and Black Lives Matter activist.  Behold the Power of the Cooch, my friends.  What's that honey?  You want me to do what?  Okay.  Prepare for Colin Kaepernick to soon change his name to Hamad Al Faroof Bin Suckin or some shit like that.  The dude is being radicalized in front of our very eyes.  You heard it here first.

If this asshole was even the smallest bit serious about his protest, he would also stop paying tribute to the money that he makes in this oppressive nation.  Until he gives that up, his protest is just grandstanding so he can get a little poontang.  And if he were anywhere near maturity, he would not be wearing socks to practice with cartoon pigs wearing police hats.  Little bitch!

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