Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Missed Twosday. But I Didn't Miss National Beer Lover's Day.

It is truly a match made in heaven.  The makers of St. Pauli Girl knew it way the fuk back then.  Rodney Carrington penned an anthem for it.  Biker rallies, smart bar owners and beer gardens (yes, I spell it that way cuz I'm not fukkin' German) continue to perpetuate the relationship for the betterment of mankind.  To hell with that giant leap bullshit... the greatest movement for all of man has been the natural harmony that can only come from titties and beer.  These two things go better than peanut butter and chocolate, Johnson and Johnson and Oprah and cupcakes.

So today, in honor of National Beer Lover's Day, let us pay homage not only to the sweet nectar of barley and hops given to us by God himself, but also to boobs.  Cuz that's what we do.   Happy Day, ya fukkers!!!  Drink up, ya pussies.

Even when she doesn't know how to drink it, she KNOWS HOW TO DRINK IT.

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