Sunday, September 4, 2016

Uh Oh.. He's Blaspheming Again. Teresa Is A Saint.

A warning to my Catholic readers... you should probably click the Back button and GTFO now, because I am saddling up the Blasphemy Express and calling all sorts of shenanigans over there in Vatican City.

Now, I love me some Pope Frankie.  I really do.  I mean, that sumbitch is so down to earth, I feel like I could throw back a few beers on a college football Saturday and rip hot wing farts with the Holy Father.  Although he's probably a Notre Dame fan, right?  That's okay... we all have our faults.  And I'm one forgiving prick anyway.

I helped the United States beat the Russians in 1980.  Yeah, that's it.
But there is chicanery afoot in the Sainting business these days.  I remember the good ol' days when in order to be a Saint, ya had to either fish with Jesus or suck at football.  And ya had to wait a thousand friggin' years before they could even start the process.  Not anymore... 

Mother Teresa was canonized this weekend.  Pope Francis made if official and the little nun that could is now Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  The Official Book of Sainting states that the process of becoming a saint cannot begin until at least 5 years after a person's death.  But the Vatican waived that rule for Teresa.  Ya know, cuz Catholic rules are merely suggestions.

The other rule is that a person has to have performed a miracle after their death, showing they are in heaven and have the power of intercession.  In 1998, a woman in India claimed she stopped by a photo of Mother Teresa, passed out and was instantly relieved of her cancerous tumor, which doctors say was actually an ovarian cyst that was cured though medical treatment.

When Pope Francis needed a second miracle in order to beatify Teresa, he really went digging.  A Brazilian engineer who had 8 brain tumors prayed with his wife to Teresa.  He was suddenly healed AFTER being rushed into intensive care surgery.  But Vatican doctors claim the healing was medically inexplicable and had nothing to do with the surgery.  So much for their faith in Brazilian surgeons.

I mean shit... shouldn't the doctors at Dana Farber just give up the research and start running around with pictures of Mother Teresa?  Chick is a helluva healer!!!

Sorry if this offends you.  But you might want to research a little bit more on Mother Teresa instead of just what they tell you in Rome.  Check out how much money she raised and kept in bank accounts instead of using it to pay for better medical care for the poor and frail.  Look into the ineptness of the medical care by her sisters of charity, the reusing of syringes, the unhygienic conditions while she was flying around in a personal plane to meet Presidents and Prime Ministers.  But they wanted a modern saint.  So they got one.  And pilgrims are thrilled.  Whatever.

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