Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So... Remind Me Again... Who's Moving To Canada?

Last night was a LOUD STATEMENT that Americans are fed up and now completely DONE with career politicians who run party first, self second and country last.  4 and 8 years ago, Democrats reminded us that the "people have spoken" and that we have to "respect the office."  This morning, I remind them of the same sentiment.  Complain all you want.  Cry.  Protest.  Tip over cars and run over people.  Sink into depression.  Move to fukkin' Canada for all I care.  But every four years, one set of beliefs loses and the other set wins.  Contrary to what Bob Seger says, the losers are never beautiful (yes, I'm also talking about us Republicans and our vitriol over Obie's wins) and the winners suddenly believe in the "people have spoken" mantra (for four years anyway).

The DNC knew who would be their best candidate.  But then again, they knew Obamacare would save us money.  Their superdelegates fukked Bernie Sanders out of a nomination and ultimately fukked their party out of the Presidency.  

The message is very clear today.  For this country to select a seemingly divisive, harsh and petulant man with no political experience and a well reported history of obnoxious and crude behavior over a career politician, former Senator, former Secretary of State with a well documented history of corruption, backdoor deals and missteps in leadership tells ME that the vote was not necessarily for Trump, BUT FOR A CHANGE TO THE STATUS QUO - the status quo that rewards political machines with powerful positions.  I mean... what does it tell you about Hillary that Donald Trump is more likable than her? 

I am nervous about a Trump presidency.  But I am glad that this country finally told the powers that were that we are tired of our leaders choosing party over country.  If only I could have been a fly on the wall of Hillary's room to see that look of disbelief, shock and sadness overcome her fukkin' cockiness.  North Carolina?  Trump!  Florida?  Trump!  Wisconsin?  Trump too!  Ohio??  No, not Trump??  PENNSYLFUKKINVANIA???  Oh, it must have been glorious!   The FBI might have let you off the hook, but Americans did not.  Buh bye Hillary.   Buh bye Bill.  Get the hell out of my sight now, thank you very much.  

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