Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Imagine If THIS Was The Painting. How Would William Lacy Clay Feel?

A controversial painting on Capitol Hill, shown above, depicting soldiers from the Confederate Army leading a charge carrying their battle flag was becoming the very definition of a political football Tuesday as Democratic and Republican lawmakers repeatedly passed it back and forth in a growing tit-for-tat. Offended Democrats kept taking it down and Republicans kept hanging it up.  One Democrat representative called the painting “offensive to African Americans and Americans in general," acknowledging that he was angered by its depiction of the Confederate flag. Republican leaders of the Congressional White Caucus issued this statement, "It’s not about defending an art contest. It’s about defending the Constitution.  We are not “anti-black” and we do not agree or disagree with the painting,” -- arguing their intent is to defend the First Amendment rights of the 18-year-old artist, David Dickerson. She argued the artist’s world view has been shaped by pride in his Southern heritage and he should have the right to express that view.

As you know, this is not the actual story coming out of Capitol Hill, but it is pretty fukkin' similar, ain't it?  The real story has been discussed over and over.... an 18 year old high school student from Missouri depicted police officers as pigs, pointing guns at black protesters.  Law enforcement groups are understandably offended by the painting.  But Congressman Lacy Clay of Missouri liked the painting so much, he selected it as his district's representative artwork for the national contest.  Clay, standing alongside other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, said that his intent is to defend the First Amendment rights of the 18 year old artist.  He said that the artist's world view has been shaped by animalistic behavior of police officers.

Interestingly enough, Clay was not as interested in freedom of speech or the shaping of world views in 2015 when he introduced a bill to prohibit Confederate flags from Veterans' cemeteries.  And when he asked the mayor of St. Louis to remove a Confederate monument from Forest Park in that city.  At the time, Clay wrote, "Symbols associated with this country's racist, oppressive past should not be elevated or displayed in public places."   Unless it's a symbol of racial divide perpetuated by 8 years of President Obama.  Then put that fukker up in public and tell everyone else that they do not have the right to be offended.  Fuck William Lacy Clay!!  And any police officers assigned to security detail for his ass in Washington or Missouri should tell him he is on his fukkin' own!!

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