Thursday, January 19, 2017

You Do Realize That Half Of America Feels Differently, Right?

Tomorrow will mark our four year tradition of celebrating a peaceful change of power.  But try celebrating that in any circle in Massachusetts.  Oh no... if you talk to anyone in this forever in blue state, tomorrow is the day of the apocalypse.  It will forever be remembered as the day that women were stripped of their uteri, that Muslims were herded into concentration camps, that sexual harassment was legalized and that everyone lost their healthcare.  In Massachusetts, they all assume that everyone around them agrees with them.  They're fukkin' WRONG!  They talk about it without regard to how others in the room feel.  Because, you know, if you are not angered about Trump's election, well then, you must be an asshole and undeserving of respect.  It's arrogance and ignorance mixed together in a disgusting Democrat Stew.

Look at the fukkin' mess going on right now.  This country is as divided as it has ever been.  Divided by political party, by race, by income.  There is a line of hate that has been drawn.  This is not Donald Trump's doing - he isn't even fukkin' President yet.  That falls on the previous administrations.  This is the doing of spoiled little snottwats who still cannot comprehend that their darling candidate lost.  It's the fukkin' tantrum that will never end.  It's the three year old on the floor in the candy aisle screaming for Skittles for two hours while Daddy threatens him with a time-out.  And now we are left with watching haggard old New Englanders Lizzie the Douche, Maggie Hassan and Uncle Bernie grill Trump's cabinet nominees as if they know what the fuk they are talking about.  Can you guarantee you will not cut a dollar from Medicare?  Have you ever had a student loan?  Can you guarantee that you will enforce the education rules already in place?  yada yada fukkin yada!  The most puzzling moment came from rookie dumdum Maggie Hassan from my state asking Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price this gem:  Do you believe an employer should be able to fire a woman for using birth control?   Where the fuk does that question come from?  Why didn't she ask if he believed a woman should be arrested for using Midol?

There's also the large delegation of jackasses who felt the need to ANNOUNCE that they will not attend Trump's inauguration.  Last count was up to 68 Democrats who will skip the peaceful transition of power.  To make a point.  And to keep this country as divided as possible.  Unification and respect of the office only matters when it's one of their guys in the big seat.  They are allegedly standing with John Lewis, Democratic Senator from Georgia, who claimed Trump is not a legitimate President because of the popular vote nonsense.  Lewis proudly claimed that this would be the first inauguration he has missed since he has been in Congress.  Except that he is a lying muthafukka!   Lewis also skipped Dubbaya's inauguration in 2001 for the same reason.  Misremembering the past.  Sounds like a Democrat leader if I ever heard one.

Here's the deal, assholes.  Trump is a LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT.  You may not like it.  I don't love it myself.  But his election is legitimate, legal and tough titties for you!  It had nothing to do with the Russians and everything to do with your candidate.

Back to Massachusetts for a minute.  One of the trademark moves of the Democrat party is that you, their voters, are too stupid to make the right choice.  It's why they have Superdelegates.  It's why they tell you how to buy healthcare and how to feed your child.  Massholes LEGALLY voted to allow recreational use of marijuana.  It is now legal to grow, buy, possess and smoke pot as of December 15th, 2016.  However, your wikkid smahttah than you legislators voted to delay the opening of retail pot shops until July 2018.  So, in typical Massachusetts fashion, it is legal to buy it, but illegal to sell it.  Because despite the ballot question that was voted on that outlined exactly how marijuana will be regulated, lawmakers dismissed the popular ballot and told citizens to fuk off... they know better.  These are your Jackasses, people!

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