Friday, February 3, 2017

Annual Pre-Soopah Bowl Dudes Weekend... Let the MessFest begin!

Gettin' my game face on for 48 hours of buddies and beers up at Captain Billy's house at the lake.  Crockpot Chili and Devil Dogs for dinner chasin' Budweiser appetizers cuz that's how a bunch of middle aged beer bellied New Englandahs roll!  Might watch some pond hockey.  Might overtake the music machine at The Looney Bin.  Might play another round of How Much Does Chisolm Weigh.  Might put Talladega Nights on a loop and play 45s until dawn.  One thing is a certainty... you won't wanna go in there!!!!

But before the weekend gets away from us, I want to put you in the right mood for the Super Bowl.  Punxatawney Phil saw his fukkin' shadow yesterday, which means 6 more weeks of Lizzie The Douche Warren yelling about The Donald.  So what better way to forget about the shit in the news and get your sportsgasm on than body paint!  GO PATS!!

Don't worry... I did not forget about you ladies or you Falcons fans.  Here's your body paint.

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