Monday, February 6, 2017

Soopah Bowl Recap: Roger That!

I was one of them.  And I wasn't alone.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were going full tilt with haters posting hilarious memes and fans posting gloom and doom.  But my wife...  at 28-3, she was saying to all of us Dougie Downers in the room, "We got this.  Lot of game left."  She was fukkin' crazy is all I knew.  I don't care how great TMFB is... climbing back while keeping the best offense in the NFL off the scoreboard was simply not possible.  OR WAS IT????

I didn't need this game to know that Tom Brady was/is the greatest quarterback to have EVER played the game.  Even with that, a 25 point gap was just too high to close.  OR WAS IT??

Psst... IT WASN'T!!

Two years ago, we thought we saw the greatest Super Bowl in NFL history.  We thought we saw the greatest 4th quarter by a quarterback.  We thought we saw the greatest play.  I keep Butler's interception as the greatest play ever in the Super Bowl.  But Brady made sure SB51 became the greatest Super Bowl in history.  He looked off in the first half, making bad decisions and missing his guys.  I was wondering if all of the emotion with his mother and with the "revenge tour" has finally gotten to him.  IT DIDN'T!

Atlanta was doing what the Giants did... pressure Tommy with 4 guys and cover man on the outside and it was working.  This alleged "weak" defense looked pretty fukkin' stout!  Could Dan Quinn be outcoaching The Hood?  In all, Brady was sacked 5 times.  Some fat dude named Grady Jarrett was gonna win the MVP if Atlanta held on to win.

But you saw what happened.  Brady stayed calm.  He kept everyone else calm.  And then he just went all TMFB on their asses.  When it was all over, Brady went 43 for 62 for 466 yards.  The Pats ran 88 offensive plays to Atlanta's 41!  No, Quinn did not outcoach The Hood.  Ya know how I know...  because as easy a time as Atlanta had running the football and as big a lead as they had, they only had 18 carries all game.  They only had 104 yards rushing and that includes Freeman's 37 yard gallop on their first snap of the game.  The Pats scored 31 unanswered points.

During the AFC Championship, it was Chris Hogan setting records.  Last night, it was James White.  THIS is what makes him the GOAT.  He doesn't care who the fuk gets the ball... as long as the right guy gets the ball.  Anyone predict James White would have 114 yards receiving, three touchdowns and a 2 point conversion?  I didn't.  He takes what you give him and he spits you out.

And THAT my friends leaves no doubt!  For anyone!  The Ginger Hammer got booed relentlessly.  Mrs. Brady made it down to the field for a big ol' kiss from her son.  Thanks for coming.  Parade is tomorrow!

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