Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Twofer Twosday: Slicing Into The Woods With Natalie Gulbis

Warmer weather means golf weather.  I have a lot of friends who get little Irish boners over a day of swinging their sticks and chasing their Titleist through sand and water and wood thinking they are gonna win the local public tournament one day.  Me?  I retired from this particular drinking sport many years ago after I holed a 145 yard eagle with a four-iron during a drunken buddies weekend at Sugarloaf.  Haven't swung a club since - because there's something to be said for going out on top.

Golf on television is usually my go-to nap time entertainment on a Saturday afternoon.  The whispering announcers, the polite claps and the occasional shout of MASHED POTATOES can really put a dude to sleep.  BUT.... I think I might start watching ladies golf this season.  There is this one golfer who needs some television time!!  Natalie Gulbis was at one time the 19th ranked golfer in the world (2006).  In 2007, she won her only tournament.  She should have done what I did and went out on top.  This year, she is the 658th ranked golfer in the world.  Which, in case you do not know golf, means you have the weekends off.

So... in the interest of serving the perverted public, I am giving Natalie Gulbis the proper exposure this spring Twosday morning..   Mostly because she has mastered the "Club Behind The Neck" pose that we all love in women's golf.  Hello Natalie.

Every athlete needs to stretch!  It's very important.

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