Tuesday, July 25, 2017

They Can't Win Every Season, So Why Not Root For Them To Lose This Year??

Just look at this asshole!
Yes, it is true.  I have willfully and woefully neglected my responsibilities in providing you with the greatest fukkin' sports coverage this side of the Hudson town line.  But the fecal downpour that has been flooding the Sawx locker room this season DEMANDS my attention.  It is hard to believe that the departure of one beloved Dominican slugger has allowed this year's edition of the Red Sox turn into the big bag of curdled moose shit that it has.

Effective today, I am just as happy rooting for the fukkin' Yankees or the fukkin' Bloo Jaize to take the Sox behind the wood shed and bloody their sensitive little asses with a thorny switch!  Fuk these little assholes.. and YES Dusty, this includes you, you little pussbag!  You are an embarassment to muddy chickens everywhere!

It was one thing to single out David Little Game Price as the bitch that he is.  But when he calls out Eckersley on the team plane for having the nerve to say "Yuck" about an Eduardo Rodriguez rehab start and then gets a fukkin' ovation from the rest of these bitches, it's time to turn my anger at the whole gawdam lot of them.  They all believe Price was "standing up for his teammate" and "willing to take the heat" except that is bullshit.  Price was peacocking.  For his precious little lemmings.  This is a guy who sits at 5-3 on the season and couldn't sniff a playoff win if it crawled up his nose and bit him on his brain.  But that is who you want for a leader?  Good for you.

This shitageddon really started to unravel when Pedroia separated himself from his team during the whole Manny Machado fiasco.  That only proved there is no fukkin' leader on this team.  No... I take that back.  It started to unravel the moment the Sox announced that the empty headed manager would return for another season after getting swept in the first round last October.

Since the All Star break and the Eckersley confrontation, they have been swinging bats like whisky dicks at closing time.  I could give a sack of soggy balls that they are in first place.  They will not be in first place soon enough.  And if they have chosen to look to Price as their leader, then they deserve the same fate that always lands on that sphincter suckin' chokecake...  a big fat Mama Cass when the pressure turns up.

Let's go Mariners!!

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