Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Twofer Wenzday: Lacey Chabert Must Have Pissed Off Hollywood

Mind fart yesterday.  Spent the morning editing pictures for a friend and totally fukkin' forgot it was Twosday.  Shirkin' my primary job duty, I failed you.  And for that, I am deeply sorry.  But I blame both sides.  Bigly!

Back to bidness this morning with Lacey Chabert, tho.  This one is ponderous to me and I can't make tits or ass out of it.  Lacey is a Grade A Prime Smoke!!  She has a JLH look about her, including her byoobs.  The former Party of Five and Mean Girls star, she was on the cover of Maxim back in 2007 and again in 2013.  Let's just say you don't get on the cover of Maxim if you are rockin' the Kathy Griffin ugly stick.  But here's the puzzle... besides Party of Five (ended when she was 18) and Mean Girls (when she was 22), Lacey can barely get an on-screen job.  She does fukkin' voice roles for cartoons like Hey Arnold, Wild Thornberrys and Family Guy.  I have no idea who in Hollywood she pissed off, but it's gotta be someone pretty powerful.  It's not like she has a face for radio.

But at least you can get your fill of Lacey here, in a medium that totally respects her for her wikkid hawtness!!!!   Nom nom nom.