Friday, December 14, 2012


If you are finding yourself asking what this world has come to, know this much: Your world has NOT come to what you are watching on television today. This is an isolated and tragic story of heartlessness and of heartbreak. What you will see over the next week is a neighborhood, a town, a state and a nation coming together to support their neighbors in their most difficult days. There is evil in this world. But the world is not evil.

People want to jump ugly today about gun control.  The politics of it all are already starting.  We all have our differing, and at times quite strong, opinions about this issue.  But today, leave it alone!  Let the families and this community grieve without putting on their minds whether or not it would have been possible to keep today from happening.  It does them no good today to crowd their hearts with questions and doubt.  Let them alone.

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