Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Gecca!

20 YEARS!   Good Christ!  Her brother was 18 months old.  Her daddy had hair.  Satellite TV was one day old.  The engine in OJ's Bronco was still warm and nobody had ever heard of Kato Kaelin.  But here she came... with friggin' bells on and a pair of eyes that said, "Daddy, you gonna go grey way sooner than you thought."

Her brother tried to call her by name, but it only came out as "Gecca."  Her grandfather called her "Princess" and her aunt still calls her "the girl."  At different times in her life, she has been Matilda, Blondie and Jundies.  Oh, and many times she has been "JESSICA DIANE!"  To me, she is still "Baby Girl"...  9 parts awesomeness and 1 part pain in my gawdam ass!

In just 20 years, she's been a gymnast, a cheerleader, a skier, a runner, a basketball player and mostly a softball player.  She has never played soccer, thank God, and has never sold a single Girl Scout cookie.  From pig tails to Jamaican braids to pony tails, from earrings to navel rings, from face paint to side tattoos, Baby Girl is kinda all growed up now.

Her teenage years are in the books!  Her twenties are coming up.  Holy shit!!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

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